Independent – Criminal – Large Group (Leader) – High Engagement Risk

‘Klepto’ a.k.a. ‘Corinth Patton’ a.k.a. ‘Alvin Broker’

Legal name(s) unknown

Caucasian male, blue eyes, brown hair, 5’10”-6’, 25-35 years

Active 10-15 years, San Salvador

First known appearance in or near Plantationsfield, AL (see incident report 27 for details) – 5 injured, 2 critically, using combination terrakinesis, touch paralysis, and speed

(see incident reports 28-33 and 35-41 for additional suspected and confirmed incidents prior to arrival in San Salvador)

First confirmed appearance San Salvador, prior to naming (see incident reports 1-2 for details) – 1 dead on scene, 2 in hospital, 7 critically injured, using combination precognition and thermomanipulation

(see incident reports 3-12 and 42-53 for activities prior to the foundation of PLC)

(see incident report 13 for first known use of handle ‘Klepto’)


Known powers: power mimicry, power immunity (passive, user within range), power nullification (area effect), power manipulation (when mimicking, including increased range, strength, flexibility, and control), enhanced senses (esp. hearing), enhanced physical fitness and/or reaction speed, invisibility/camouflage/diversion effect (either minor or context dependent), fear aura

Suspected powers: minor precognition or danger sense, empathy or minor telepathy or perception ability (emotional response), minor to moderate enhanced durability, moderate charisma or suggestion, minor shapeshifting or illusion

Klepto has a variable range; it is at least 20 meters, but has been known to extend well past that on occasion (it is possible he has a power enhancer within his entourage). He retains powers for 12-67 seconds after leaving range; most powers exhibit a linear fade in intensity. He usually only exhibits mimicry of the powers of one individual (with no limit to number of powers), but on several recorded occasions has simultaneously used powers from up to fourteen individuals actively; flexibility, strength, and aim suffered the more powers he used at once. It is unknown what causes this shift in ability. He is able to use an indeterminate number of powers passively, regardless of any powers he is actively mimicking. There is no indication that passive powers need belong to the same individual he mimics the active powers of, and in several cases it is unlikely that they did. There is no known limit to the number of abilities he can nullify at once, although he may have difficulty nullifying powers derived from alternate universes (this is unlikely to be related to quantity or other typical factors). (See: Chicago, Spiderbitch, Scarlet Woman) He has some control over his nullification effect, as judged from his allies’ ability to use powers within his area of effect.

Klepto’s range and strength with a mimicked power is usually identical to the original user’s, including most limitations, for up to half an hour of active use. His power manipulation must be applied consciously to each individual power, and will generally not be usable for the first 10-15 minutes with a new power. If he has copied the same power before (especially from the same individual), the time limit may not apply; the time limit will usually decrease with each subsequent use. Being in range of multiple powers overwhelms his ability to use power modification. Without it, his use of powers may be inconsistent and low-powered at first. It is recommended that all fights with Klepto be ended as quickly as possible as he becomes more capable with any given power over time.


Equipment: standard, small arms

Klepto can be expected to carry a standard array of supplies, including lockpicks, cuffs, ropes, etc. on his person. These appear consistent with his mass and size; if he has access to extradimensional space, it’s a very limited amount and the danger is negligible. He is usually carrying one or more small to medium knives. He may be carrying one or more guns; though he has exhibited the ability to use a variety of handguns, his range of accuracy is quite small and he has been shown to be easily distracted when using one in a fight. Larger arms have not been noted.

Be aware, however, that many of his associates do carry larger weapons and are generally much more proficient with them.


Current threat level: yellow (NSA: 17) (CIA: safe) (DEA: central, low priority) (ATF: C) (FBI: kidnapping, possible child trafficking erroneous, no cases) (ICE: kill+)


In case of incursion incident: yes, safe, standard compensation (See PLC report for additional details and list of resources available)

(See list of incursion involvements – 3)


Deaths directly attributable:

Confirmed: Murderhole, Jack and Jill, New Senate, Arachnophobia

(See list – Confirmed: civilians and non-mask personnel)

Attempted: Artemis (West Coast), Ultraviolet

Implicated in the deaths of Michael Sword, Positronica, Justice (San Salvador), Transect

(See list – Suspected: villains)

(See list – Suspected: identified victims)

(See list – Suspected: unidentified victims)

Implicated in the disappearance of John the Baptist (see: Glacier) (see: Aquamarine)


Currently in charge of ‘PLC’ (San Salvador Maniacs) (see PLC file for full report), he is one of the founding members and has been leading them since early in the formation of the group. Recruitment seems to be primarily targeted towards children and young teens, though older teens and adults are known to join. While previously suspected of kidnapping, no substantiated reports have been found; new recruits seem to be primarily runaways and the homeless. Klepto is known to recruit heavily personally, especially engineering scenarios where he appears to ‘save’ children, later asking them to work for him. He recruits heavily among children with powers.

Though the location of his compound has not yet been identified, due to his heavy use of travelers and other spatial coordinate obfuscating powers, preliminary reports indicate facilities for extremely regimented training in unarmed, armed, and powered combat, as well as with powered armor and flight simulators. Access to powered armor has been confirmed, with a strong possibility of unrestricted access to powered armor manufacturing. Access to aircraft has not been confirmed and no aircraft have yet been identified as affiliated with either Klepto or PLC.

No members are known to have defected or otherwise left the group. Traitors, including undercover operatives, are known to have been executed both on his orders and on the orders of mid to high ranking members of his organization.

(See list of deaths: ordered and collateral)

(See list of kidnappings) (erroneous)

(See list of additional crimes)


Known associates:

(See known members of PLC for a full list of members)

  • Commander Salamander (missing)
  • Brawn (San Salvador)
  • Via Appia
  • Road to Hell
  • Headshot (San Salvador)
  • Odin (unaffiliated)
  • Tiny (Retribution, waterfront north)
  • Faster Freddy (The Righteous Coalition)
  • Satyr (San Salvador Nymphs)
  • Mama M (The Righteous Coalition, Cabin 6)
  • Unknown astral projector or remote sensor
  • Unknown engineer, technopath, or technoperceptive
  • Unknown contact(s) within law enforcement or hacker(s)
  • Doctor Blueprints (neutralized) (classified)
  • Captain Damnit (inactive or deceased)
  • Arachnophobia (deceased)
  • Cape (PLC) (deceased)
  • Everyman (San Salvador) (deceased)
  • Hot Shit (Hex Key) (deceased)
  • Imaginarium (deceased)
  • Mercy Kill (San Salvador) (deceased)
  • Precog (A Brighter Shinier Future San Salvador) (deceased)
  • Wildcard (San Salvador) (deceased)


See also:

  • Alexander the Greatest
  • Hex Key
  • Retribution
  • The Righteous Coalition
  • San Salvador Nymphs

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