All agents are reminded that any reference to real information or events, including those that are currently a matter of public record, are to be vetted by the Department of Extranormal Perception and Prediction before posting, regardless of whether the information is posted from a verified account. Keep in mind that the method of presenting even common knowledge information may give away more than you intend.

Agents are additionally reminded that depicting, describing, asserting, or insinuating a sexual relationship between members of staff violates the code of conduct of this agency and may be subject to sexual harassment proceedings. No explicit sexual material may be posted through verified accounts. No assertions or insinuations of sexual contact may be posted through verified accounts without the submitted consent of all parties referenced. Works posted from verified accounts must contain a disclaimer referencing them as works of fiction.

Please familiarize yourself with new posting procedures. These will be in effect for all items posted, including fiction, essays, posts on message boards, etc., from home or work networks, by computer, tablet, phone, etc., for all members of staff. Procedures are as follows (remember: these are just a quick overview. Don’t forget to read the official regulations!):

  • Do not post to sites without a technopath-protected security seal. Preferentially trust sites with a Hollywood Hacker Free certification.
  • Do not post to sites where Wordsmith is known to have an entrenched presence. (For list of sites, see Appendix A)
  • Do not engage in conflicts of any kind with accounts claiming reality warping abilities, unless they can be definitively falsified.
  • Do report potential reality warpers.
  • Do not write stories about yourself.
  • Do not write stories about your close friends in first person.
  • Do not post anything without running it through the X-pass filters; these are available in a variety of programs that can be downloaded onto your devices. (See X-pass Filter List, as linked from the homepage – be sure to download mobile versions as well)
  • Do send items through a variety of sources first, such as emailing the document to yourself or a friend, copying and pasting it, obscuring its origin, etc.
  • Whenever possible, post from a public computer.
  • Do not post from the device of anyone who is mentioned or depicted in the item you are posting. If the person whose device you are using is not included, have them click through any dialog boxes for you.
  • Observe rules regarding Extranormal Fingerprints. When content may overlap with significant risk factors, be especially vigilant.
  • Consider installing Extranormal Fingerprint packages on any systems you use regularly.

Thank you for bearing with us during this change in policy. It may seem tedious, but the reduction in risk will be significant. Work systems may run slower as new security measures are installed. The next generation of phones released will work on an architecture that integrates these measures; for now, download all recommended apps. Anyone requiring a security suite for a home system may put in a request and should receive the installer no later than Friday. ($25 per network, $40 per computer, $35 per tablet or phone)

Additional suggestions for improvement of personal security are as follows (you should all remember these from the handbook):

  • If any of your friends or other acquaintances ‘have discovered’ the legal identity of any hero (including yourself), make sure they follow these procedures as well.
  • Replace coded security systems with biometric security systems whenever possible (additionally, don’t mention alarm codes or specific security systems in fictional works)
  • Get a dog. Dogs will be immune to most psychoactive effects, and may let you know when your behavior is being influenced even when you do not recognize it yourself. (Get a dog that doesn’t shed a lot, so you can bring it into the office. See Bring Your Dog to Work Day Petition)
  • Remember to lock your windows.
  • Set up power nullification fields wherever you can; preferably, at least a perimeter around your home. Setting up nullification fields near walls will prevent phasing; setting up nullification fields in view of security cameras will capture images of the invisible or unimageable. (Also remember to keep cuffs available; consider keeping injectors in case of emergency.)
  • Change within headquarters whenever possible. Change only in vetted locations.
  • Run bug sweeps. Regularly update your phone’s software.
  • Save the creepy notes and voicemails people send you.
  • If you feel someone may be following you, carry an image scrambler. These are available on request and will scramble any image with a focal point within a thousand feet. (May impact sensitive electronic equipment. Do not use in conjunction with any stealth fields.)
  • If you find works offensive, do not create parodies of them. No one will get it. They’ll only think you’re condoning the thing they did you didn’t like, and they’re usually not funny, anyway.
  • Carry your panic button.
  • Do not argue with people who say things about you, no matter how ridiculous, insulting, or sexist. Especially do not argue from verified accounts. It doesn’t matter how politely you phrase your request that they shut the hell up; verified government agents telling people not to say shit is perilously close to violating free speech, or at least they’ll claim it is. Can you not just downvote it and move on like everyone else does?

Anyone who has any information on the original content of the series of modified stories about Sassy Kitten, bring it to patterns. Anyone who’s noticed any patterns within these stories or within the larger fan community, bring it to patterns. Anyone who’s found an additional source of information about Wordsmith, including any participation in additional sites or threads, bring it to patterns.

Anyone who has anyone following, contacting, or making threats against them, bring it to security, and make sure you tell secret identities if you think you’ve been caught.

Also, let’s remember, people, tell someone if your security card goes missing, even just for a little while. Tell someone if your keys aren’t where you left them. Tell someone if you’re seeing an agent you don’t remember ever meeting before, or if everyone else seems to know someone you don’t. Tell someone if anyone tries to follow you into the building. Tell someone if you see anyone forgetting the name written on their ID card. Tell someone if people’s identities seem suspiciously themed.

I mean, come on, guys, we’ve all seen movies; I think we know what things are not okay to ignore during a security crisis.

Addendum: Yes, the fanart is creepy; everyone knows it’s creepy; please don’t start flame wars from verified accounts; it’s hell for PR.

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