Primary insomnia inducing powers are: biological manipulation (hormonal or circadian), time dilation (impacting fatigue either subjectively or physically sans subject perception), psychoactive powers (impacting phobias, stress/excitement, dreaming, etc.), and sleep displacement.

(See Lee-Li ‘Extranormal Insomnia’ for a more in depth explanation and references)

Keep in mind that powers typically affecting only one individual may be shifted, copied, or otherwise made to impact other people through the use of various mirror powers. This may be done with or without the knowledge of the original user. Such powers are usually a lack of need to sleep or an ability to go without sleep for extended periods; when applied to other individuals, it may not override the psychological need to sleep generally present.

(See Park ‘Sleep Disorders and the Sleepless Quarter’ for overview on sleep deprivation)

Insomnia inducing powers that affect more than one individual typically affect no more than a few dozen. Even those powers may affect more individuals when used in conjunction with another power, though. Look out for power amplification (including, possibly, range or aim modifications), power stabilization (allowing the power to be used on multiple groups or causing it to last longer), or any form of energy or refractory manipulation (allowing the power to be used more quickly). Individuals known to have such powers should be investigated in conjunction with this crime.

(See Addison, Andrews, and Gaius Who’s the fairest of them all? chapters 3 and 10-19 for applications of power modification on multiple-target powers)

(See Moore et al. ‘Power Modification and Mass Crimes’ for a breakdown of the likelihood that various powers were used, as well as technological amplification) (Click here for this thing charted out by probability – Griffith) (Cleaned up the chart. You’re welcome. – Patterns)

This may be technological in origin. (Unlikely – Patterns) Monitor traffic in alien artifacts to see if any may have come in contact with suspects. Pay attention to any mentions of sleep deprivation in techie chatter. It’s also possible this is some sort of biological or chemical apparatus or byproduct. (Very unlikely. – Patterns) Addendum: Power mimicry/neurological fuckery devices also possible.

(See Dubois-Hayashi ‘Area 51’ for overview on artifacts and ‘Alien Mind Probes’ for a list of types with psychological or neurological effects)

(See Blackfoot Sleep Tech for technological developments regarding sleep patterns)

(See list of techie message boards by popularity)

(See incidents III and VI) (See Insomnia (Arizona) and Rise’n’Shrine)

(See Bhatia ‘Trouble Sleeping Sickness’ and ‘Sleepless Gas’ for theoretical explorations by probability and references)

Addendum: (See Bernard et al. ‘Power modification devices and active powers’) (See Smith This is Your Brain on Modern Science)

Previous incidents:

I – Night Terror (III) – 337 (max) – 2 weeks

Night Terror had a field effect power with a radius of about 12 m; the effects lasted for 48-96 hours after exposure, depending on duration of exposure. Effects of the field included anxiety about going to sleep, raised heart rate, inability to stay asleep for more than an hour, and the eponymous night terrors. Unmedicable, but symptoms abated within 96 hours. (Incident 21 of 26) Addendum: except in those exposed who were suffering from PTSD (treated and untreated).

II – Unsolved – 500 (at each stage) – 1 week

During this incident, the area of effect moved from east to west, crossing almost the entire distance of the city. Reasons for stopping unknown (all then-current leads have been flagged). Area of effect covered about twelve blocks at each location; no pattern as to those affected has been discerned. Groups were staggered in half-hour increments exactly. Symptoms persisted for upwards of a month, but were successfully medicated with benzodiazepines. Symptoms included inability to fall asleep, as well as a strong desire (almost immediate) to go to sleep, complete lack of fatigue, and symptoms of severe sleep deprivation from around the six hour point. Eleven potentially related cases. Unsolved.

III – Insomnia (Arizona) – 1009 – 3 weeks

Insomnia had a line-of-sight single-target power, however, targets remained affected for 31 hours after exposure, and exposure could be maintained by eye contact without engaging the power a second time (target looking at Insomnia was sufficient eye contact). Symptoms included an ability to power nap, apparently successfully (regarding physical health), and a strong irritability as usually accompanies exhaustion which persisted through all stages of sleep deprivation. Other symptoms are difficult to report given that this was (and in all other ways resembled) a hostage situation. Tranquilizers worked on rescued hostages; less powerful sedatives did not. (Incident 7 of 7)

IV – Lucid Dreamer (VII) – 1500 – 3 weeks

Lucid Dreamer had a reality warping power that created a hallucinatory dreamscape for the hostages. Everything encountered within the dreamscape was, by all accounts, real; some hostages suffered malnutrition (but none undernutrition), many developed strange injuries with strange processes of healing, some objects seem to have been created during this time and remained extant. During captivity, all hostages expressed a strong desire not to leave (all hostages later underwent therapy for the experience). Location and timing was set up to exactly mimic the previous incident, as well as, to some degree, choice of hostage. Unmedicable within the field; symptoms did not persist.

V – Unsolved – 661 – 2 weeks

Type of effect unknown; affected only people entering the same strip mall during this period. Exaggerated the effect of any sleep disorders (including narcolepsy) of those affected; 661 reported previously undiagnosed insomnia; smaller numbers reported the development of additional sleep disorders. Disorders were treatable by therapies commensurate with typical presentation. Effects were either long lasting or permanent (disorders progressed typically, according to medical reports). Probably technological. Two related cases. Unsolved.

VI – Rise’n’Shrine – 1621 – 4 weeks

Rise’n’Shrine had a touch-activated and virally communicative power, although the duration of effect dropped each generation. Operating out of an abandoned warehouse, Rise’n’Shrine presented this incident as a church, whereby new members could receive the ‘boon’ from closer to the source the more they demonstrated their loyalty. They were not permitted to touch people who had not been baptized into the church. Aside from complete lack of sleep and extreme emotional responses, asymptomatic, including those typical of sleep deprivation. Probably unmedicable, although all ‘church members’ refused treatment. Symptoms abated at 16 weeks from last contact for the inner circle.

VII – Lucid Dreamer (VII) – 2000 – 4 weeks

Not one month after Lucid Dreamer’s house arrest is up, what do we have but a second copycat incident! Only difference: the handful of repeat hostages did express a desire to leave while within the dreamscape. Addendum: Dreamscape was set in an elaborate cathedral for all four weeks.

VIII – Unsolved – 533 – 3 weeks

Probably touch-activated; 81% of victims remember being touched by a stranger in the days before symptoms started. Symptoms persisted for around six months, but all started within the same three week period. The person(s) responsible probably left the city after this time. Symptoms include a strong desire not to sleep, hypervigilance and being easily awakened, inability to enter REM sleep, and symptoms of sleep deprivation progressing normally from onset. Medicable with all stimulants, most successfully with a combination of amphetamines and caffeine; taken just before bed, this will induce normal REM patterns. Required dosage increases rapidly compared to addictive behavior. Switching medications will only partially mitigate this, but total fatalities low. Hard to say what other cases are related, since the only unique (and still unique, even flagged) factor is the optimally effective treatment; most other touch-targeted insomnia has comparable MO, if not comparable figures. Unsolved.

This case does not bear marked resemblance to any of the previous cases; do be prepared for Lucid Dreamer to take this one personally (again). Cross-index with Bay City and Newark files (probability of connection: low – Patterns).

(See list of Persons of Interest)

Addendum: In case the latest comes back (or something else shows up), Amphetamine (the person, not the drug) can counteract most types of induced insomnia by replacing it with her own. You still have to deal with those symptoms, but at least it won’t kill you. (P.S. Just for fun, see list of insomnia-inducing powers that end up killing you!)

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