Note: Guys, please stop adding in forerunners to the other crimes. We aren’t charging him with any of them. Hell, we didn’t even manage to call dibs on the murder charge; if you want to talk about it, go complain to the other TLA’s.  We are seriously only talking about the zombies, here.

Addendum: Remember that it’s against policy to call them ‘zombies’.



  • First developed the virus while still working for the university. Original version had an incubation period of three months, lasted two weeks, affected ~3% of the population (extranormal only).
  • Recruited either techie or memetic (journal unclear, but consistently says ‘we’).
  • Incident with the TA. (See 6Aref, see interviews with other faculty)
  • First live trials of infection mechanisms within six months. (See list of statistically anomalous hospital and doctor visits, see list of unusual diseases, see list of outbreaks) (See list of likely events – patterns) Definitely had techie by this point.
  • First generation mechanism found. (See incident report 7C)
  • Second generation mechanism found. (See incident report 7D, analysis)
  • Auxiliary lab found. (See incident report 3, catalog of items)
  • First and second memetic events in the two days after Baron figured out the lab was found (probably). (See incident reports 5A and B) Obviously had memetic by then.
  • Third memetic event within one week. (See incident report 10A) (See list of injuries by method)
  • Third generation mechanism found, first sample of virus found. (See incident report 7F, analysis of mechanism, analysis of virus) At this stage, the virus only infected ~2% of the population, but across the board, other features similar to first version as reported.
  • First outbreak. (See incident report 8, see list of news articles)
  • Modified second generation mechanism found. (See incident report 7E)
  • Mobile lab found. (See incident report 4, catalog of items, analysis of hypnotic triggers)
  • Second outbreak. (See incident report 9, see list of news articles, see vaccine analysis)
  • Fourth through tenth memetic events within two months. (See incident reports 10B-10K)
  • Main lab found. (See incident report 6, catalog of items, analysis of virus) Virus with up to 10% of the population susceptible at this point, faster rate of infection, lasted 28 days
  • First viral propagation of the memetic ability, four hours (See incident report 11, external links)
  • Second viral propagation of the memetic ability, two days (See incident report 12, external links)
  • First use of ‘zombie’ on the news (See clip, see corresponding article) (list of following articles)
  • Baron Someday’s first public address and manifesto. (See clip, see manifesto, see list of addresses and articles)
  • Third memetic outbreak, one week (See incident reports 13 – 17) (list of coverage)
  • Fourth memetic outbreak, one week (See incident reports 18 – 26) (list of coverage) This is the one where the three deaths occurred (mall, park, middle school) nearly simultaneously. (list of conspiracy sites) Vaccine effective, cure 38% effective (airborne)/76% effective (injection).
  • Techie caught. Dies in custody in 14 hours, hypnotic trigger. (See incident report 27)
  • Re-hypnosis of some victims. (See incident reports 28 – 31)
  • Memetic caught. Time-delayed virus neutralized, dies in custody in 12 hours, nanites corrupting cuffs to cause psychic overload. (See incident report 32)
  • Baron Someday dies.
  • Various incidents with reinfection and memetic suggestibility. (See incident reports 34 – 43)


Abilities and MO of hypnotized victims:

Generation one: human normal abilities, slight increase in one or more facets of extranormal traits. No biting yet; scratching very common, but mostly kicking and punching. Victims exhibit use of athletic or martial arts abilities commensurate with their personal histories.  Little use of weapons.

Generation two: human normal abilities, slight dampening of extranormal traits. Still no biting; scratching more common. Kicking, punching, and use of weapons typical, but generally in synch; all victims acted in groups and attacked the same way. Attacking comrades common.

Generation three: human normal strength, speed, increased perception/knowledge of human anatomy, increased ability to anticipate and complement each other’s movements, no use of extranormal abilities noted. Still no biting; little scratching; use of martial arts that one or more members of the group had trained in common (by all members of the group); use of weapons common. Somewhat resistant to pain.

Generation four: human normal strength, speed, increased awareness of human anatomy, increased cooperation, no use of extranormal abilities noted. Mainly biting and scratching; frequent use of martial arts; infrequent use of weapons. Resistant to pain

Generation five: increased speed, strength, alertness, and stamina (presumably due to the virus), complete suppression of extranormal abilities. Massive jump in number of individuals, increase in coordination of groups, some planning ability exhibited. One bite per individual, 7-9 minutes to join in; scratching infrequent, use of weapons infrequent. Nonviolent holds common. Ignore pain.

Generation six: increased speed, strength, alertness, and stamina (not up from generation five), some use of extranormal abilities. Coordination still pronounced in physical attacks, including setting traps, extremely uncoordinated use of extranormal abilities. Accidental injury to other hypnotized common. Multiple bites to individuals, no bites to unconscious individuals. No scratching, no weapons, no nonviolent holds, nonlethal severe injury common. Ignore pain.

Generation seven: increased speed, strength, alertness, and stamina (barely significant increase from generation five, debated (see analysis)). Increased efficiency of use of extranormal abilities, seemingly shared between the hypnotized. Coordination in both physical and extranormal attacks, planning abilities muted/sloppy and plans less long-term. Specifically avoided attacking teammates and the unconscious. Bite patterns more erratic. Some use of weapons, nonlethal severe injury common. Ignore pain.

Generation eight: increased speed, strength, alertness, and stamina (about twice generation five). Complete suppression of extranormal abilities. Coordination and planning extremely effective: reemergence of funneling, trapping, etc. No longer communicate verbally or through gestures. Plans employed in synch across whole group, regardless of distance or number of individuals. Specifically avoided fellow hypnotized; did not avoid attacking the unconscious. Constant biting. Frequent use of weapons. Frequent severe injury. Frequent lethal attacks. Complete immunity to pain.

Note: aside from slightly increased coordination ability, reinfected/rehypnotized individuals reflected same traits as initial during their initial infections


Addendum: combination vaccine now 100% effective at preventing all types. Cures holding steady at 53% for first four generations, 91% for last four. Reprogramming effective in ~40% of remaining population. High dose antivirals ~60% effective destroying virus; targeted antibody stimulation ~5% effective, but consistently doable with sample antibody; efficacy increased with sample antibody from people with similar extranormal traits. Hypnotic triggers 100% reversible (within 2 days).

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