Conversation between Cybergator (JCTechiePermadmin), Punchcard AI (MicrochipMafiaDon), Sourcerer (CupCoinMirrorSword), and others, TechieBreaky/JCFreeForAll.  (show timestamps)

CupCoinMirrorSword: but even if you break the passwords it doesn’t count

JCTechiePermadmin: like you could break them

CupCoinMirrorSword: doesn’t matter. if you get them disingenuously it doesn’t count

MicrochipMafiaDon: why? ive used em

CupCoinMirrorSword: personal information freely given

MicrochipMafiaDon: depends on what your trying to do

JCTechiePermadmin: can read emails with stolen passwords all you want

CupCoinMirrorSword: But you can’t have any POWER over someone unless it’s freely given!

Arcnemesis: lol POWER

JCTechiePermadmin: dunno blackmail is lots of power

CupCoinMirrorSword: What’s even the POINT of blackmailing people???

JCTechiePermadmin: money

MicrochipMafiaDon: naked pix haha

Arcnemesis: porn

Arcnemesis:  😀

LuckyTechie13: idk you could get maybe political stuff

LuckyTechie13: like get them to make petitions or something

HollywdHackrXXXO: you could always blackmail people into sabotaging things from the inside

Chi3f9659: that’s not helpful on that kind of site holly

Chi3f9659: what are you going to be like

Chi3f9659: do stuff for me

Chi3f9659: or i’ll show everyone your bad porn

CupCoinMirrorSword: look this is not helpful anyway!! we’re trying to control their LIVES

Arcnemesis: WE”RE not, Magical Trevor, just you

CupCoinMirrorSword: if you want to have power over people

HollywdHackrXXXO: More than one way to have power over people

MicrochipMafiaDon: you’d know

HollywdHackrXXXO: fuck you donnie

MicrochipMafiaDon: you wish

CupCoinMirrorSword: whatever just you know mind control takes minds not computer programs

JCTechiePermadmin: why do you even hang out here

CupCoinMirrorSword: I’m just saying

JCTechiePermadmin: no really why do you come here when you know people think you’re completely full of shit, does insulting people make your tiny dick hard

CupCoinMirrorSword: fuck off

CupCoinMirrorSword: you are so full of yourself

CupCoinMirrorSword: you really don’t want to see these people unmasked?

CupCoinMirrorSword: I can track them down, you know. To their houses.

JCTechiePermadmin: assuming freely given information, so, what, are you going to just ask them?

Arcnemesis: We don’t condone illegal activity here, CupCoinMirrorSword, and if you keep trying to plan it, I’m going to have to ban you.

Arcnemesis: maybe switch to a dark channel if you need to

MicrochipMafiaDon: so how do you allegedly do this thing

Arcnemesis: the word you’re looking for is hypothetically

Arcnemesis: only hypothetically we aren’t here to commit conspiracy

Chi3f9659: does it need to be any good, also, because you may have trouble there

CupCoinMirrorSword: no

CupCoinMirrorSword: they just need to know the person

JCTechiePermadmin: the person the fic is about? because I bet they don’t

CupCoinMirrorSword: not usually

CupCoinMirrorSword: but

JCTechiePermadmin: slim chance and probably not worth it

MicrochipMafiaDon: how do you even know anyway or just risk it

CupCoinMirrorSword: I was getting to that

CupCoinMirrorSword: if you’d shut up and let me fucking talk

Chi3f9659: does it have to be sexy

Arcnemesis: lol

CupCoinMirrorSword: no

CupCoinMirrorSword: there just has to be enough of a personality imprint

CupCoinMirrorSword: then you can track them or control them or whatever you want

Chi3f9659: you’d maybe have to read a lot of that to guess which ones actually know someone

JCTechiePermadmin: probably simpler just to hack their personnel files

HollywdHackrXXXO: or blackmail someone into getting them for you

CupCoinMirrorSword: whatever I don’t even care okay

CupCoinMirrorSword: just

CupCoinMirrorSword: there’s stuff you can do with fanfic

JCTechiePermadmin: there’s stuff you can do with anything if you actually think for half a minute

MicrochipMafiaDon: we could always just dress up in disguise and join the agency

MicrochipMafiaDon: take them down from the inside

HollywdHackrXXXO: ha, let me send you a link to their fitness requirements

MicrochipMafiaDon: you could just sex them into it

MicrochipMafiaDon: here is some tits gimme your fails

HollywdHackrXXXO: sounds about right

MicrochipMafiaDon: files

lemonlimestone: You could always just kill someone and take over their identity.

Arcnemesis: You’re suspended for thirty days, lemonlimestone. This is your final warning. Next time, you’ll be banned.

JCityEsper1998: he was probably joking

Arcnemesis: they weren’t. they’ve been warned about it before

Arcnemesis: you’ve been warned too stop defending them or someone’s going to think you’re together

LuckyTechie13: together

Arcnemesis: Homophobia is not acceptable in any of SinepostIncarnate’s rooms, LuckyTechie13. This is your third warning.

Arcnemesis: if you want to make jokes like that go hang out with otakumemetic

Arcnemesis: he loves that shit

Arcnemesis: besides you don’t even know if they’re girls or not

JCityEsper1998: i’m a dude

LuckyTechie13: whatever it was just a joke

LuckyTechie13: I didn’t even know if he was a girl or whatever

LuckyTechie13: this place was way more fun when there weren’t all these rules

MicrochipMafiaDon: uh, maybe don’t hang out in the open discussions then

MicrochipMafiaDon: the rules are basically don’t be an asshole

MicrochipMafiaDon: (and don’t do anything illegal)

MicrochipMafiaDon: (allegedly)

CupCoinMirrorSword: makes total sense why you guys are always such dicks to me

JCTechiePermadmin: you’re so fucking whipped, arcnemesis

Arcnemesis: yo, I can ban you here, Orion says you can’t touch my account anymore

JCTechiePermadmin: Orion can suck it

Arcnemesis: Orion can stop posting your rants about healers you fucking communist

JCTechiePermadmin: oh yeah just because i care about people i’m a fucking communist

CupCoinMirrorSword: you are a fucking communist

MicrochipMafiaDon: he’s not a communist

JCTechiePermadmin: no, i just think they should have to go to hospitals and stuff

MicrochipMafiaDon: he’s a socialist

CupCoinMirrorSword: how do you know they don’t

MicrochipMafiaDon: it’s not the same

JCTechiePermadmin: what?

CupCoinMirrorSword: how do you know they don’t

CupCoinMirrorSword: how do you know they don’t donate x hours a week at hospitals

JCTechiePermadmin: well you’d hear wouldn’t you

CupCoinMirrorSword: no

CupCoinMirrorSword: because they don’t want to advertise

CupCoinMirrorSword: like people can do whatever they want and get hurt with no consequences

CupCoinMirrorSword: how could you tell if they’re the same ones they all wear masks anyway

MicrochipMafiaDon: what about the private clinics

JCTechiePermadmin: what about them? they’re private

MicrochipMafiaDon: yeah, and to expensive

MicrochipMafiaDon: they could donate time

MicrochipMafiaDon: take on patience

MicrochipMafiaDon: help ppl

CupCoinMirrorSword: that’s a good point actually

MicrochipMafiaDon: see? not a communist.

JCTechiePermadmin: whatever, they have a right to charge whatever they want

JCTechiePermadmin: they provide a service

JCTechiePermadmin: what the hell service does the whc provide

Chi3f9659: just helping masks

JCTechiePermadmin: just helping masks

Chi3f9659: look i’m the last person to say this you know I am

Chi3f9659: but you know it’s what keeps you from getting like

Chi3f9659: blown up by trees or something

JCTechiePermadmin: oh yeah they definitely do stuff

JCTechiePermadmin: it’s definitely because of them that crime rates are so low. villains definitely would still feel the need to show up to mark their territory if they weren’t flying around everywhere showing off

Chi3f9659: well it is a major city

Chi3f9659: you are in JC right

JCTechiePermadmin: of course I am fuck you

CupCoinMirrorSword: you don’t have to of course about it. i’m outside the city

JCTechiePermadmin: yeah well you’re also an idiot

JCTechiePermadmin: who’s obsessed with magic

CupCoinMirrorSword: i know one you know

JCTechiePermadmin: know one what, idiot obsessed with magic?

MicrochipMafiaDon: i kno an idiot obsessed with an idiot obsessed with magic

CupCoinMirrorSword: a healer who volunteers

Arcnemesis: how hot tho

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