Independent – Criminal – Individual – Low Engagement Risk

‘Odin’ a.k.a. ‘Dietram Sommer ’

Legal name: USA-32°28’38.6″N100°14’40.9″W-2h29m14s-7Γ-X

Caucasian male, blue eyes, blond hair, 6’1”-6’3”, 22-27 years

Active 5-10 years, San Salvador

First appearance 7 years ago during the 32°28’38.6″N, 100°14’40.9″W portal event (see incident report 1 for details) – 7 individuals, assorted artifacts (mostly broken electronic equipment), no engagement

(see incident reports 2-5 for first contact incidents)

(see incident reports 7-36 for incidents prior to arrival in San Salvador)


Known powers: strength, moderate invulnerability, moderate regeneration, minor precognition/perception (reaction or combat)/probability manipulation, animal communication (ravens, extrapolates to all corvids, possibly all birds)

Suspected powers: some sort of memory enhancement, possibly eidetic memory

Odin has a range of several miles when communicating with his trained birds; the range is shorter when communicating with birds he’s had no previous contact with. Perception (or precognition, probability, etc.) powers seem to work within line of sight. Other powers are limited to his person.

It’s unclear whether Odin has the ability to control animals (birds). His birds do not exhibit behavior ravens are incapable of performing, although they do frequently exhibit behavior atypical of wild ravens. They are definitely trained; ravens removed from Odin’s influence have retained a high degree of friendliness and familiarity with various equipment and tricks, and have been able to respond to commands corresponding to behavior previously exhibited (commands must be given telepathically or in German). It may be a combination of treat-training (the ravens expect treats) and communication, or there may be some component of control or at least suggestiveness towards ravens included in Odin’s powerset. He has been seen causing or convincing unfamiliar crows and other corvids to do things very quickly, although this may be a product of the ability to communicate rather than a separate trait. (See incident reports 39, 50, and 81, and The Raven Reports.)

Odin’s strength is about ten times human normal (as commensurate with his acknowledged heavy musculature), although either variable or with unconscious forces moderating it; he’s never been observed damaging people or property through accidental use. Odin cannot fly, but he has been observed to use his strength to jump extreme heights or distances; he can jump higher or longer than average, but not statistically significantly more than others who use their enhanced strength for this purpose. Odin is in the 99th percentile for non-speed extranormally-enhanced running. Both of these are probably due at least in part to training. (See notes and proposed situation of his home Earth.) (See notes and speculations on his history and training.)

Odin’s invulnerability is proposed to be physically based, rather than any kind of shield; certain projectiles have managed to injure him, although it’s unclear whether this is due to size, speed, or number (at once or over time); injuries are less grievous than expected and often begin to heal immediately. Regeneration seems faster with internal injuries, which may heal within hours; cuts and scrapes have been observed to heal as slow as human normal and have the most variable healing periods of any of his injuries. No scarring has yet been observed.

Odin seems to be able to predict what people will do in a combat situation, up to and including those individuals who have been trained to evade precognitive powers, and even those who exhibit true randomness (both programmed and as a facet of their powers, see incident reports 40-43, 70-81). At least some of this may be training (his cohorts seem to exhibit this to some degree as well), or an ability to judge people on their personalities or training; some of it has to be some sort of extrasensory ability, possibly including a probability perception ability. He may be able to influence outcomes somehow. (Programmed numbers have been checked and do not exhibit any patterns, even as a whole, even across both his and Freya’s. – patterns)

Odin seems to learn quickly and is unlikely to repeat mistakes; even those made due to cultural expectations early on were corrected after the first error. He makes references to previous interactions very specifically (and correctly, checking against video evidence); this may be cultivated to intimidate. He also remembers obscure facts. These are mostly not useful and may be used to confuse opponents. (See incident report 81 for the really weird one.) He is privy to other information through his birds.

(Note: he also knows a lot of information about birds.)


Equipment: standard, bird-keeping equipment, situationally useful equipment

Odin keeps an assortment of small equipment, including the standard array of lockpicks, ball bearings, duct tape, etc., but also manages to produce unexpected equipment when necessary. This may or may not be related to his precognitive powers; if not, it may indicate access to extradimensional space, of a small to moderate size. It is extremely unlikely that he can manifest the equipment, as he does not typically produce the most useful item for a task, and in many cases jury-rigs equipment together to achieve his goals.

He can also be observed frequently carrying bird-keeping equipment, including temporary perches he may clip to things, falconry gloves, and bird food (treats?). Birds themselves may be equipped with trackers (and are capable of attaching these to things), notes, small explosives, or bits of ribbon or metal (decorative?). Birds are usually wearing trackers themselves. Birds may appropriate equipment from opponents, or acquire it from teammates and deliver it. Be aware that any birds captured may be able to use the equipment they carry to escape, and whether they do or not will likely attempt to steal objects from apprehension and research personnel.


Current threat level: green (NSA: 2) (CIA: under observation) (DEA: peripheral, very low priority) (FBI: low probability contact with neonazi groups) (ICE: kill+) (Interpol: under observation) (PAT: +)


In case of incursion incident: NO

(note: DO NOT SUGGEST USING HE USE HIS BIRDS. He does not care if he’s a safe distance away, he does not want to be involved.)



Deaths directly attributable:

Confirmed: Odin (White Superpower) (3), Odin (Norse Dakota)

(See list – Confirmed: non-mask personnel and EAOs)

Implicated in the deaths of Frey (7) and Freya (2) (White Superpower)

(See list – Suspected)


Odin comes from an alternate world that is decades divergent from ours, probably sometime during or shortly before World War Two. (Note distressed reactions to various groups of people in early videos; see Interviews.) He and his cohorts were in their mid to late teens when they came through and did not speak English, although all seven seem to have adapted. Odin does not usually speak with an accent. Odin may not always be familiar with local customs; some crimes may be attributable to this. He operates independently and is unlikely to be engaged in violent crime of any sort, including armed robbery, although he does associate with people who do.

His most likely crimes include theft, usually petty, and some drug crimes. He will sometimes hire himself out as a bodyguard. This may be legal work under one or more false identities. He is unlikely to fight civilians, except in self-defense, but may be extremely violent under threat of arrest. Apprehension is restricted to extranormal apprehension officers and extranormal law enforcement units. Apprehension is NOT RECCOMENDED for those without enhanced strength and durability themselves.  Due to his low engagement risk, Odin is a low priority fugitive.

He has been approached five times and refuses to register.

(See list of warrants)

(See list of open cases)

(See list of closed cases)


Known associates:

  • Brawn (San Salvador)
  • Bucephalus (Alexander the Greatest)
  • Captain Damnit (inactive or deceased)
  • Commander Salamander (missing)
  • Corvus brachyrhynchos
  • Corvus corax (vigilante)
  • Corvus frugilegus
  • Corvus monedula
  • Corvus ossifragus
  • Fricatrix
  • Headshot (San Salvador)
  • Klepto
  • Lavender Lad
  • Road to Hell
  • San Salvador Fixer
  • Satyr (San Salvador Nymphs)
  • Via Appia
  • Vigilante 9 (4)

(See Portal Event Registry contact)

(See Interpol contact)

(See list of contact with parallel houses)


See also:

  • USA-32°28’38.6″N100°14’40.9″W-2h29m14s-7Α-X (Loki)
  • USA-32°28’38.6″N100°14’40.9″W-2h29m14s-7Β-X (Frey)
  • USA-32°28’38.6″N100°14’40.9″W-2h29m14s-7Δ-X (Baldur)
  • USA-32°28’38.6″N100°14’40.9″W-2h29m14s-7Ε-X (Hodur)
  • USA-32°28’38.6″N100°14’40.9″W-2h29m14s-7Ζ-X (Freya)
  • USA-32°28’38.6″N100°14’40.9″W-2h29m14s-7Η-X (Hel)

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