Night shift manages to make a bunch of arrests and end up on the news, complete with their very favorite flourish of flying the suspect out of the building and beelining to HQ, coincidentally passing by the cameras on the way there. You see, because there was a firefight below, so they just wanted to get him safely into custody. You see, because they wanted to get him processed quickly, in case any more crimes were in progress that he could help out on. You see, because there’s nothing more fun than terrifying some dude so you can guarantee yourself an interview in the morning.

I mean, some rich white dude, who was almost certainly involved in modifying those cuffs (and, as it turns out, wristbands, too), but there’s a reason there’s a process. (Of course, there’s a reason there aren’t any rules about flying suspects around, too.) I’m actually kind of surprised he didn’t piss himself when it happened. I would strongly guess Sunspot does not warn them beforehand. You see, because it’s an emergency, it would take too long, he’d be in danger, it would ruin all the fun.

Yay, problem solved.

Still no word on exactly what kind of powers were keeping us out, but at least the guy got overconfident, and there’s a fair amount of evidence in his desk and computer. Hoping it will turn out to be something new and cool. Probably it won’t.

But you never know. There was that whole article on speedsters tending to have perfect pitch last week, so there’s always new research. (Of course, if it does turn out to be something interesting to more than just the nerdy amongst us, they’ll probably just get disappeared anyway.) (I mean the interesting things, the research notes. Not the mirrors.) (Fuck it, maybe that too.) (I mean, it’s probably not interesting anyway.)

Note to self: ask Perry to keep an eye out for research breakthroughs once I’m allowed to talk about this. Also, ask Caffeine if he can sing. (Maybe not. Is that personal or anything?)

So today is just back to writing up lesson plans and schedules and shit. I can’t say I miss the cold all that much. Null squad seems kind of annoyed; they look like someone told them it was going to be at least a couple weeks. They’re hanging around talking to whoever they haven’t see in a while, all while wearing shiny little cuffs so as not to creep people out. (Most of them, anyway.) I would really hate to be a null, I really would.

Also, apparently someone got into an altercation with Spiderbitch again, because I swear, we just had a memo about this last week or the week before. On the same case, even. Oh, yep, there it is – why do people keep feeling the need to pick fights with her? It’s no wonder she won’t stay in the city.

I wonder if the Gates teams fight with her, and every time they do she just comes back here. Actually, no, that would be awful. That would be basically the worst, sticking to one city until you got annoyed with it, with just too long between cities to figure out that, actually, you hate both of them the same. She should probably move somewhere else altogether. (I don’t know where people wouldn’t get into fights with her, though.) (Also, I should ask P&P if that lawsuit ever panned out.)

I feel like this is another one of those things I should bring up in class. Because the last jerry-rigged ten minute ‘words hurt’ spiel worked out so well. I think FiendPuncher was the only one who listened to it, and even she might have just been nodding along for the cameras. So maybe bringing in some outside hero is back on the table. (Presumably not Spiderbitch.) At least Pathos agreed to come in tomorrow. I’m guessing because he didn’t put two and two together and notice I’m Teke, but it’ll look real cagey if he backs out now, so there’s that settled.

I really hope he doesn’t say anything awful to Psybeam. Hopefully he won’t even notice.

Karate today this week, hopefully we can go back to the regular schedule next week, but not on Friday, because they’ve okayed patrol.

Well, that’s good, at least. I can show them how to make sure they cover a decent amount of ground. I can teach them how to spot crimes from up top, too, because I’m not completely heartless, I’m taking them by rooftop. Always good for a wave at a news chopper if one comes along.

Also because there aren’t actually going to be any criminals on the roof, which I certainly can’t say for street patrol. No minors are getting injured on my watch.

Paragon wants some information on the heredity of powers. I send him a few links, plus some recommendations for books if he actually want to head to the library. I wonder if this is for a class project and I basically just did his homework for him.

Well, as long as it’s not a research project, just a paper, I’m good. People you know are a resource, too, the upper school librarian told us that enough throughout middle school. I ask him, just in case. (His response is almost immediately. And kind of pissed at me.)

Vector wants me to sign her petition to stock more targets. She seems to have all the deadeyes on board, but only about half the tekes, which are going to be a lot more help, given that most of the deadeyes aren’t actually working in the city. I sign.

Also, I wish they would maintain the other sniper range a little better, because the good one seems to constantly have extranormal monitoring equipment all over it, not to mention the slightly rabid scientists telling you you’re screwing with their data.

There’s an angry email from Todd’s parents, that’s nice, apparently they’re willing to go on for pages if someone call their kid a bigot. They’re going to try to get me ‘fried’.

Actually, on second thought, that might not be a typo. They might actually be angling for the electric chair. That sounds pretty much in their wheelhouse, now that I think about it. Todd’s got to learn it somewhere. Hopefully he’s learning how to spell somewhere else, even leaving that particular error aside.

Stranglehold’s forwarded me another ‘hilarious’ piece of fiction about me. I think I’m going to hold off on reading that. Possibly until never. I really don’t need more awful grammar in my life. Or more people insisting I’m secretly a vampire or dating all the members of some band or both!

I surreptitiously just delete that one.

Bartok’s sent a highlight reel from the concert. I take a few minutes to watch it, leaning back in my chair and basking in the fact that I don’t remotely have to wear headphones. The acoustics in this entire office to myself are pretty great.

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