this isn’t happening

not during daylight not during training not with the kids not the kids on their first patrol not the kids know how to fight well not well enough for Klepto not well enough to fight but not well enough to not Klepto’s going to

some of the things Klepto’s done some of the times some of the places the motivations the rationalizations the way Klepto leaves the bodies mangled broken bruised abraded cut gouged torn ripped smashed crushed shot stabbed bitten beaten and the blood never messages Klepto never leaves unless the bodies are the message and even then

i wonder if they’ll find enough of us to identify

what does Klepto want does Klepto want with the kids does anyone want with kids these kids or just Klepto isn’t that even Klepto wouldn’t stoop to the graveyard that wasn’t Klepto and you’re just overreacting and they were kids all kids but younger too young except for fiendpuncher maybe too young and not his or i have to say something tell someone those were Klepto’s if that was Klepto’s fault Klepto really killed him maybe unless I’m wrong maybe i need to calm down just calm down calm down before Klepto

doesn’t have to be Klepto plenty of villains people kids just kids think they’re dangerous creative halloween costumes in every store and the goths punks metalheads maskheads some of the hipsters with the poor taste shop in the city imagine Klepto at hot topic if Klepto buys gear there it changes always changes fashion not battles not burning not shooting not stabbing not getting torn apart in deranged fights just vanity insecurity obsession or boredom trying to get the blood pumping again by torturing to death a bunch of

rooftops are far away from you to jump easily unless Klepto can fly ha don’t be stupid two of your kids can fly two of them and maybe only enigma isn’t a problem Klepto isn’t a robot can’t be a robot can’t borrow robot would a robot how would a robot gain sadistic pleasure from

i wonder if this was a setup too

what weapons do i wish arsenal were here with an empty utility belts all around mine and one gun all brandishing notecards and dog treats maybe Klepto wants salmon a nice bit of smoked salmon and Klepto’ll turn and caffeine can run on his own probably carry maybe what would slow them down or fast away fast and Klepto can’t follow Klepto can’t follow if Klepto can’t go fast enough to save some of us if not jailbait’s ready to lay down her life learning how to fight and hold them off just a kid was going to join up once she hit her birthday could be a year from now you don’t know it could be today happy eighteenth are you ready to

think fucking think stupid bullshit teaching supposedly safe is never safe you know that violent dangerous shit for brains teacher who doesn’t bother setting backup plans doesn’t bother planning escape routes doesn’t bother routing emergency beacons to shit fuck goddamn Klepto’s jamming signals Klepto’s jamming communications Klepto’s jamming powers isn’t Klepto a fucking genius always

your job and you can’t even do one thing can you even keep a couple kids safe for a few hours watching not even half a dozen of them gatling the only one with a weapon to give her your gun wait what idiot put you in charge what moron what dumbass what imbecile of a boss let you have any kind of chance this team thought kids should walk around like no transponders being jammed remember this city was never a safe place some braindead politifuck picked the costumes least equipped no that’s you isn’t it you who set the kids up for failure

you with your grand plans and your bold claims and your shitty teaching no one wants to listen to learn from you no one wants you leading an expedition around the city no day no how no one is surprised is it any wonder the way you

i wonder which uniform they’ll pick

front and center whizkid attack formation is a stupid fucking word when there’s only one pair of us if she remembers the training at basics she’s not supposed to be using in combat yet the point should be over quick anyway quick always the secret to dealing with Klepto over quick and don’t get dead against throwing a neutralizer over there with oh no think of how illegal the white hat we always bring always white hats fighting why box ourselves in if we could just turn off Klepto the way Klepto turns off

get gone get them gone hold off for a while for as long as forever until the end of your report or warn or call for help where the fuck is your phone unprepared fucking hell did anyone okay when breathe do you think they breathe arrive if they breathe what are the breathe odds of the fuck does Klepto think Klepto is the worst one of the worst most dangerous one of the most dangerous maybe in the country how many contingencies not even invulnerable all of the time a bad choice you make bad choices could’ve been anyone any supervillain just had to find a way to make your kids careful what they wish for in a pleasant perfect

way several ways always lots of ways depends on what you’re looking for not like you’re trapped on the roof all sides open and just the one enemy one Klepto just one

throw them to safety how far can your field extend and still have any level of nuance when was the last time i even bothered to test that why would

some makeshift weapons down in one of the alleys they always

could be down the fire escape already if

black lacquer shines off Klepto’s nails

no no no no no

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