A bunch of the local public schools are buying into their most recent scam. We can’t touch any of the charters – the old bill is still in effect – but most of them aren’t going all out anyway. The private schools going along with this have claimed religious exemption; most of the public schools have been trying something along the same lines (really???). They’re mostly in the same area, so populations are low, but keep in mind you can’t escort any of the kids to school unless you stick with them all day (liability reasons). Some lawyers are pro bono’ing petitions to change schools and some social workers are checking things out; you can go with them if they need protection and you’re free to leave whenever they dismiss you.

The thing with the statue (click here to sign the petition to keep it)

The thing with the other statue (the horse one) (click for incident report)

Convenience store robbery (alleged) (click for incident report)

They’ve managed to file an injunction against three separate clinics and one hospital not to X-test newborns. Because that will stop them from ever getting powers. Keep in mind, this is in addition to getting the bill passed about testing not being a routine part of physicals, and now insurance won’t cover it unless you can prove a likely ‘inciting incident’, even if it’s already been determined that someone has powers. (link removed) (link removed) (click here to donate to the Extranormal Testing and Education Fund) (link removed) (click here to subsidize X-tests for newborns)

Museum arson (click for incident report) (FBI says they don’t like them for it) (we don’t like them for it either – patterns) (Addendum: hey, if these morons want to go to jail over something they didn’t even do, I’ll take their confessions)

Speech we’re keeping on file because you know it’s going to come up at a murder trial at some point (click for video) (click for transcript) (click to volunteer for surveillance detail) (Addendum: is it really hate speech though?) (Addendum: click for proof of why, yes, it is hate speech) (Addendum: watch the video again, actual threats at 2:21 and 9:43) (Addendum: and 16:55)

The thing where they push the little girl into the puddle – is anyone pressing charges for this? Have we identified her? (click for video)

Vandalism (car) (see incident report)

Vandalism (house) (see incident report)

Harassment (see list)

Stalking (see list) (see class action) (add yourself to the class action) (I know this one’s not going to go through, either, but the look on their faces is priceless)

The ‘licensed’ demonstration where we couldn’t arrest their asses for obstructing traffic because it looks like it has a political motivation. (Oh, but see corresponding incident reports for, let’s see, assault, assault, assault, assault on an officer, and this guy punched a dog WTF) Also, are we establishing a presence at the special needs school once it opens again? (Addendum: you guys are overreacting, none of them were even injured) (Addendum: “special needs school”) (Addendum: the look on the dog’s face, though) (Addendum: dog okay confirmed) (Addendum: Oh? Where’s our ‘kids okay confirmed’? Note: all three kids are fine, Detective Keller is also fine, Agent Keller wants to know why you none of you care about his broken arm OR his brother)

Vandalism (house) (see incident report)

Vandalism (store) (see incident report)

Assault (see incident report)

Vandalism (house) (see incident report)

Assault (see incident report)

Sexual assault (see incident report) (Note: disavowed, and he’s chosen to step down “while this heinous allegation is being investigated”) (Addendum: yeah, but you know their platform) (Addendum: they managed to add the hate crime charge) (Addendum: I wish they hadn’t. They’ll never get a conviction now) (Addendum: can’t be that hard to prove he’s a bigot) (Addendum: who cares as long as we’ve got his DNA? I promise you he’s going to solve at least a dozen cases for us)

Vandalism (house) (see incident report)

Vandalism (cars) (see list) (see incident report)

Theft (some paperweight thing with historical significance?) (see incident report)

Fraud (see incident report) (this was the pyramid scheme – updated)

Fraud (see incident report) (this is incorporating as a non-profit; look out for a ‘change in leadership’ any time now)

Fraud (this is them claiming they can lay on hands and fix people) (Addendum: not actually illegal) (Addendum: since when is assault and child abuse not illegal) (Addendum: imagine if the people who do it are actually mirrors tho) (link removed) Related: what are they doing with all those latents – are they telling them they can prevent them from manifesting or something?

Vandalism (house) (see incident report)

Thing with the duck (see video) (see incident report) (see final report from Fish and Wildlife)

Unlawful recordings (see incident report) (see related incidents)

Unlawful use of powers (see incident report) (bet the kid had fun explaining that one) (Addendum: no joke – see incident report) (click for fund)

Kidnapping (three counts) (see incident report) (see kidnappings w/ similar MO)

Vandalism (church/school) (see incident report)

Vandalism (house) (see incident report)

Vandalism (statues) (see incident report)

Naked drunk guy yelling (see incident report) (see video) (see autotuned video) (see dance remix) (see remix with clips of Weathervane looking horrified)

Selling CDs (see incident report) (Addendum: hope you busted their asses) (Addendum: Plead out, got community service) (Addendum: operating unlicensed should be allowed to be a hate crime) (Addendum: their music would be a hate crime even if you took out the lyrics)

Okay, a couple of them have been caught out infiltrating that support group, so now it’s down to an actual blood test for membership to prove you’re at least a latent, plus they have at least one memetic on site asking if your motivations are sound, and I hope we’re posting a couple of guys because that shit is ripe to turn into a clusterfuck of epic proportions. Addendum: shit, they have a mirror now, sensing people out, and she can tell what kind you have, fyi in case anyone used that group; also, they caught the other one

Bullying latents into signing that vow that they’ll never get (or use? Not sure Note: who could even tell Note: who cares the shit that goes through their minds it’ll never make sense) powers. Some of these kids are barely old enough to know how to write their names. (Addendum: sending someone out after the adopted/foster kids, but not much else we can do) (Addendum: there’s a lawyer who’s up for custody disputes with any of those kids) (link removed) There seems to be some sort of class or classes they can sign up for while they’re there, and the kids keep going back 3x weekly.

Vandalism (house) (see incident report)

Petition to make all powers public record (for the love of god, go out and vote, people)

Vandalism (house) (see incident report)

Vandalism (car) (see incident report)

Vandalism (house) (see incident report)

Vandalism (fountain) (see incident report)

Assault (see incident report)

Giant inflatable dildo (see video) (Addendum: not actually in any way illegal or relating to anything that is or might be illegal, and also not their dildo) (Addendum: hilarious though) (Addendum: not so! See threatening letter) (Addendum: god, I can’t believe this is actually evidence of something)

Theft (car) (also vandalism of same car) (see incident report)

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