Conversation excerpted from TeleKittenesis; threat level still low, but chances of vigilante action rising. (See patterns’ list of high risk suspects) (enable links) (show screenshots)

Cat Catterson

I mean, you guys know the Vivisection Killer is still out their, right? Just be careful is all I’m saying.

Pol Graydon

Great advice coming from someone who can’t spell ‘their’ correctly.

Myra Tennyson

oh look 1st ot post

Amy Eleanor Jacobs

Maybe they thought of it because of the kitten scratching everyone at the beginning there? That’s the only thing that I can think of.

Kyle Denning

maybe she’s high that’s what i can think of

Mad Catter

it’s like we can’t get through five minutes without one anymore

Honor Rhodes

Put up some rules or something, mods, goddamn!

Becky Goodman

Have you see the videos they’re putting up? the mods don’t give a sh** anymore. One of those videos was nothing but dogs – hey Cat Catterson, how about you go whine over there?

Alice Ng

Some of us like the dog videos.

Becky Goodman

Some of ‘us’ need to f**k off

Buffy Anne Summers

Becky Goodman I think a lot of people like the dog videos, or they wouldn’t put them up. I know I like them.

Alex Wilmer

I’m in San Salvador right now (visiting friends) and I can tell you it’s a lot more hyped nationally than locally. He actually hasn’t gotten that many people and it looks okay around here (at least where I am). Stay safe, though!

Matteo Pesci

great advice comin gfrom someone who cant spell paul correctly

Becky Goodman

is the name of the sight TeleDognesis? No it f**king isnt! but maybe it should be because this sight is full of B**CHES

Les Maxwell

serial killers on the rise

Buffy Anne Summers

Becky Goodman Calm down, I didn’t even say anthign to you. I don’t know why you have to yell at everyone.

James James

Ignore Becky she’s a troll.

Verruca Park

Ignore James he’s the vivisection killer.

Kennedy Hampton

not cool

Dionysus Van Helsing

yeah my brother totally got killed by him

Pol Graydon

Oh, did he? I assume he’s on this list then.

Tony Berenson

Pol Graydon leave him alone, he’s like ten or something.

Rachel Feinberg

I thought you were gone Pol Graydon why can’t you just fuck off

Carolina Bester

The best way to protect yourself from extranormal attackers is to neutralize their powers. You can get a device that produces a field around and should stop any attacks (even ranged) that get near you. They’re only around $300-500 and you can order them online.

Steve Dastan

Pol’s back!

James James

That’s not cool, kid. I mean, I wish my brother dead a lot, too, but this guy?

Becky Goodman

Yeah well that’s what happens when you don’t regulate

Eddie Quinn

maybe you shoul shut your fat fuckig mouth

Margarita Rivera

Are you seriously saying people should be registered or something, like kittens

Hugo Watts

Beckky Goodman do you even know what site you’re on? for EXTRANORMAL kittens?

Joey Bachman

Yeah maybe if u shut it uy would eat less

Becky Goodman

No, I’m saying people should be locked up or at least have to tell everyone like they make the brainrapists do. At least kittens ARE registered

Becky Wattanapanit

Wow, that’s a super okay word to be using and not extraphobic at all

Marybeth Keanes

Not to mention is delegitimizes rape, and anyway, most telepaths are women. You shouldn’t treat rape so lightly, especially in this context.

Kai Mirror

Oh, but it’s cool to treat bigotry lightly.

Chris Partyanimal

but it’s fine to treat Vivisection lightly tho

Billy Bob Leonard

But it’s fine to treat it lightly when someone’s rummaging around your brain without permission??? Get a grip, lady!

Akira Kira


Tasha Penn

who else is completely unsurprised that Billy Bob Leonard is anti-powers

Becky Goodman

Oh, yeah, it’s so f**ked up to want people to leave your brain alone and not, like, blackmil you or steal your bank account or something. This is why the vivisection killer can just do whatever he wants; because you peopld ar ealways fighting so hard for everyone to ‘respect their rights’ orwhatever. What about my rights?

Audrey Aubreysmommy Tyler

You really shouldn’t call people fat, okay. That is fat-shaming and that is part of bullying culture (whihc is obviously very important to be) because sometimes people have weight disorders and thyroid problems you don’t know. I have never had problems with it obviously but I have friends who do and they would not appreciate your comments. They try very hard to loose weight but it is hard

Fabian Little

what’s your icon supposed to mean Kai Mirror

Mad Catter

oh, yeah, people should totally be respecting your right to be mad at them for existing. I mean, like, who do they think they are, all having powers eerywhere, and eveb NEAR YOU. how is that hate???

Becky Goodman

Mad Catter Thank You!!

Tyrone Smith

Funny about ‘respecting rights’, because that seems like a thing we can’t do in this country.

Netta Singh

James James there’s actually a lot people are trying to cover up to make it seem like it’s not that bad. You can see videos.

Joey Bachman

ur fat ass an ur babys ugly lol

Billy Bob Leonard

Tyrone Smith Don’t make this political.

Makayla Hawkins

just because one guy is a murderer, I mean, there’s lost of normal people who are murderers and no one says it should be illegal not to have powers

Jamison Kent

oh they’re not ALL lazy and eating too much i guess being fat isn’t a bad thing anymore well shit lets just put more of my tax moey on welfare than

Kai Mirror

I think it should be illegal not to have powers.

Joey Bachman

u suck wallstreet far cat

Mad Catter

Kai Mirror not helping

Kai Mirror

Oh, I’m sorry, was I supposed to be helping? Here I thought it didn’t matter what I say, since the fat ass of the bell curve wasn’t going to listen to me anyway.

Mad Catter

you know some of us have powers and don’t have to be jerks

Pendergast Hall

Nobody HAS to be a jerk

Jessica Mansell

I actually think Becky is really pretty even if she is a cunt.

Donna Norris

And some of us have powers and DO have to be jerks.

Greg Krakaur

I think you’re really preetty and not a cunt, Jessica Mansell.

Tad Bronson

i would do her

Kai Mirror

Yeah, well, some people have everything else going for them, too, and have the luxury of not being jerks. How everything working out for you on daddy’s yacht?

James James

Netta Singh I really fucking hope those aren’t real videos because it doesn’t need to be worse

James James

Netta Singh Oh, god, what’s wrong with you? There’s a reason they didn’t show those and that reason is nobody needs to see that shit ever.

Kelly Yuan

Netta Singh Thank you for those actually. That’s very informative.

Billy Bob Leonard

Netta Singh Yes, actually, people should see these videos. This is the kind of problem way too many people want to ignore and just pretend it’s a few ‘problem powers’. Now, I don’t live in San Salvador, but you can bet if I did I would be getting extra security in my house! We don’t have those kind of people around here!

Ella White

@Cat Catterson while this is a real issue, I don’t think this is the forum for it. People are mostly here to talk about kittens. have you tried any extranormal discussion boards?

Ella White

@Amy Eleanor Jacobs I think so too – I alsmot said this video was a little in poor taste.

Ella White

@Becky Goodman you need to relax a little about the dogs. I keep seeing your posts on nearly every video complaining about them, and it’s kind of gootten old.

Ella White

@Becky Goodman also can you stop swearing at people

Ella White

@Alex Wilmer wow, what are people saying locally? I’d really like to hear an insider (sort of, lol) perspective on what it looks like! But you stay safe too haha!

Ella White

@Matteo Pesci actually that’s just a different way of spelling Paul in other languages.

Ella White

@Les Maxwell sources?

Ella White

@Carolina Bester actually, if you go to a military surplus store (you may have to try more than one, and your best bet is actually the small ones) you can get one for $60 sometimes (and they’re usually under $100 anyway). They’re bulkier and kind of ugly, but the do the same job, and some of them even have a bigger range.

Ella White

@Jame James you really shouldn’t wish your brother dead

Ella White

@Eddie Quinn you really shouldn’t call people fat

Ella White

@Joey Backman you really shouldn’t call people fat

Ella White

@Marybeth Keanes agree

Ella White

@Billy Bob Leonard agree

Ella White

@Akira Kira Thanks!

Steve Dastan

Oh my god give it a rest “@Ella White”

Ella White

@Audrey Aubreysmommy Tyler you’re actually being part of fat-shaming culture by saying people who are sick are the only one allowed to be fat, but actually lots of people like it or feel its their ‘natural weight’ and that is their choice let people be happy okay

Ella White

@Mad Catter I don’t think that’s very nice and I don’t have any problem with people having their powers near me as long as they’re not using them

Ella White

@Tyrone Smith well maybe you should DO SOMETHING about that instead of complaining

Ella White

@Netta Singh you should probably put a warning on those videos. They’re pretty gruesome.

Ella White

@Billy Bob Leonard maybe people wouldn’t HAVE to make things political if racists like you would actually listen to black people instead of just telling them to shut up

Ella White

@Adison Kent actually the reason people on welfare are usually fat is because it’s cheaper to buy potato chips than apples and stuff

Ella White

@Kai Mirror ???

Ella White

@Kai Mirror oh, I get it, but actually, if you were nicer, people would want to listen yo you more. Yelling at people doesn’t actually help anyone, so you should try having some empathy for their situation instead. then people might want to help you with you problems and want to learn more.

Ella White

@Pendergast Hall here here!


kittens r dum

Ella White

@Donna Norrie I don’t think you have to be a jerk. I think you can be nice if you wanted to. I believe in you!

Ella White

@Tad Bronson gross

Ella White

@ Steve Dastan you dont have to be rude I’m just trying to have a conversation

James James

Netta Singh No ofense btw

T.J. Reyes

Billy Bob Leonard Extranormal security?

Billy Bob Leonard

If necessary, yes.

Becky Goodman

Mad Catter you don’t even use your real name what do you have to hide?

Mad Catter

among other things my ssn, unless you think we shouldn’t have those, either

Becky Goodman

Oh look another freak putting words in my mouth. I suppose I’m a racist now, too?

Josh Goldsmith

you are a racist tho, becky

Frieda Tillman

Hey, none of use were saying anything, but if the shoe fits, find another one just like it and dance the fucking night away, Becky.

Kai Mirror

Well, gosh, look at that! Unprovoked insults against someone simply for the group they belong to, not like we’re already disenfranchised and put onscreen purely for someone’s fetish or to make them feel all smug and inclusive. Let’s just totally ignore the fact that the only way an ACTUAL director can make a film is if it’s some sort of perfect victim trauma porn. Go step on a lego, modal.

Cory Vaughan

I actually don’t see anything racist happening here. I think you all need to calm down and actually look at what Becky Goodman said.

Mad Catter

Becky Goodman I never called you a racist, but you did say I should be locked up or branded.

Harry Jacobs

Brett Jacobs Charlie Jacobs Edna Jacobs Amy Eleanor Jacobs Tammy Stilton Judy Kershaw Liam Weiss oh man

Becky Goodman

I’m blocking you.

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