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‘Guardian Angel’ is usually referred to in context as ‘Angel’

(not to be confused with Angel (disambiguation))

Previous codenames: [redacted]

Legal name: [redacted] (See case file – level 9 clearance)

Caucasian male, brown eyes, blond hair, 6’2”, 48 years

Active 30-35 years, San Salvador

Manifestation incident: [redacted] (all files linked from this page require level 9 clearance)

First appearance [redacted], WI

Active in [redacted], ~3 years

Active in Newark, 4 years

Active in Bay City, 9 years

Active in Golden Gates, 2 years


Current powers: flight (telekinetic), strength, minor speed (reality warping), spatial awareness (functions as deadeye), durability (functions as stamina), healing (temporal (displacement)), mirror (immunity, control (minor)), aesthetic (moderate)

Potential power developments: moderate speed (likely with training), telekinesis (moderate with training), travelling (moderate), power sensing (unlikely), timeshift (unlikely), invulnerability (very unlikely), moderate mirror (control) (very unlikely), mirror (modification) (very unlikely)

Angel’s flight powers can extend to some objects (based on size) and up to two passengers (of any size). Although he typically uses aimed healing rather than field healing, he can extend his area of effect up to three meters away from himself (although the efficacy is lessened). His mirror control reaches up to ten meters, but functions only on objects, and only those still under extranormal control. All other powers are limited to his person.

Angel’s flight functions unmodified at roughly his swimming speed. Patterns finds it unlikely that it will increase without codevelopment of broad telekinesis. He can carry one passenger easily, and reports no increased sense of fatigue, and exhibits no symptoms. He’s capable of carrying an additional passenger, but reports tiring quickly, though experimental data suggest a steady but far slower decrease in ability than the mental decline would suggest. Experimentation with additional passengers ongoing. Objects up to roughly half Angel’s size can be carried easily, regardless of weight, and objects up to slightly larger than Angel can be carried with a steady increase in mental fatigue and a following increase in physical and extranormal fatigue. (see notes)

Angel’s strength is about five times human normal with regards to projected adult strength based on musculature at time of manifestation, which [redacted]. This may be misleading, because Angel was intensely athletic at that age, and is these days more sedentary, so looks to have a lean and only moderately strong frame. His strength is therefore more than five times human normal based on current musculature, although it doesn’t fluctuate with changes in his appearance, weight, etc. Although he can’t turn this power off (i.e. if he would not be able to lift something normally, the power will automatically kick in), it doesn’t instate itself in all cases, allowing him to build muscle using normal ranges of weights. He exhibits the Kingston Classic secondary power paradigm. (see notes)

Angel’s speed is about 10% above top human normal running speed; this is an average, as it varies by energy level. He uses the reality warping variant uncommon to speedsters but common to spatial-manipulation style travelers; this is presumably the cause of his spatial awareness. (see notes)

Angel’s spatial awareness is greatly increased, comparable to those with enhanced senses, or generalized ESP. Although initially registering as a passive secondary power ([redacted]), careful training has allowed him to use it as a deadeye power, registering with much greater than average (even extranormal average) awareness of the spatial relationships between himself and his targets. An enhanced (normally enhanced) knowledge of physics also allows him to use this power to a great degree in fights, especially against multiple opponents, which has some strange effects on the visual quality of any footage thereof. (see notes) Also, he can tell you the exact dimensions of stuff.

Angel has M.I.T.-Harvard paradigm enhanced durability, with a toughness factor of 7 and an Erdos scaling of 15. He has an esoteric secondary powerset (see breakdown) which allows this durability to function as endurance/stamina (which didn’t come with his type of speed), boosting the length of time for which he can fight or work. It also slows degradation of the muscle tissue, meaning that he isn’t losing much in the way of (normal) strength as he ages. (see notes)

“Still getting wrinkly, though!” – Guardian Angel

He has a primary healing power (which is actually common for [redacted]). It’s a temporally based healing power, so has little effect on chronic conditions or severe illnesses (excepting those that impact the immune system), but is very good for acute conditions (barring complications) and especially for injuries. (see compatibility list) Because his is a time displacement power, he may be able to heal injuries untreatable by other temporal healing powers by displacing injuries to a time when natural healing would occur more quickly or comprehensively. This tires him quickly, though, and his generally preferred method is functionally identical to temporal accelerators. (see notes) Guardian Angel is on call for emergency cases only.

Angel has two mirror powers: immunity and control. His mirror immunity is 97% White Hat standard. (see notes) His mirror control is esoteric; rather than affecting powers overall, it affects only the subset of powers that produces physical objects. (Further investigation allows that this power can affect physical objects as small as molecules, although with diminishing effects, which explains the phenomenon with the hydrokinetics.) When an object is created (see references) by a power, Angel has control over it under the conditions that the original user does or would. Objects that are created and immediately leave extranormal control are unaffected. Since Angel has no nullification powers, he will be required to fight for control over these objects, and unless the original user rescinds control for whatever reason, other factors will decide who has the greater control. (see notes)

Angel has an aesthetic powerset subject to conscious control (Dolfen Cinematic*). The rippling effect he uses on his cape apparently also works on his hair (including wigs), although he’s always kept his hair short. The glow seems to default to the same silver as his costume, but actually varies when he wears other colors (as long as they were designed for him). The missing factor is that his eyes don’t change appearance under any conditions (so far). (see notes)

Angel’s sleep effects are as follows: it takes about twice as long as human normal to succumb to sleep deprivation symptoms, alertness, instant waking (including natural waking), possible modified circadian (6.5 hour nights), resistance to sleep powers (distinct from mirror) (see notes) X-impact: all sedatives and all drugs with sedative effects (including antihistamines)


Equipment: standard, medical supplies, chemicals

Angel carries the agency standard equipment (he uses our kits) and most of the recommended licensed citizen enforcement package. He’s also generally known to carry a fairly broad range of transportable medical equipment (including an AED), in case his powers are drained or not working, there are too many people to treat at once, or there are injuries that don’t necessitate extranormal intervention. If you run out of bandages etc. and he’s nearby, don’t hesitate to ask him for a hand. He won’t get involved in most cases, but he’ll always hand over supplies (or transport you back here). He carries around various kinds of chemicals at different times; he always has dry ice and usual has sodium (and iodine for disinfecting etc.) and may have other useful things. He won’t always let you have them.

Angel carries these in a non-weight-modified extradimensional container, but it’s actually not that heavy to lift even without strength.


Current threat level: green (NSA: 7c14)

In case of incursion incident: on call, preliminary investigation or planning committee if under expertise (see list)

(See list of incursion involvements – 19)


Deaths: (see list, investigations linked from list)

Arrests: (see list)

Current investigations: (level 9)


Angel is happy to help in executing dangerous or difficult warrants, but may otherwise be wary of involving himself in any investigations. In case of emergency, he’s on call as a healer or protection. He will be more available during the evening shift, weekends, or school holidays. During classes, he’ll only respond to emergency events, and will typically like to be travelled both ways.

Most of his investigations center around students local to the area, i.e. investigating their previous schools, neighborhoods, families, etc. and those people who visit students. He will typically present (well-cataloged!) evidence rather than apprehend perpetrators himself. Recommendation is to push through all of Guardian Angel’s cases, as they are typically quick to close with plea deals, and if taken to court have a good chance of conviction. He is known to stop campus crime when in progress, but rarely investigates. (see injunction against Greek system investigations)

Angel can be found volunteering in goods transport and distribution, construction projects, and healing, usually under corporate sponsorship. (see preferred organizations) (see upcoming events)


Known associates:

Family members: [redacted], Paladin (Greaveshire)

Friends: [redacted], Time (healer), Psychobitch, Copypasta (San Salvador)

WHC contact: Top Dog

(see list of other organization contacts)


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  • Ultraviolet
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  • Rocket Powered Cunts
  • Superbitches

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