All agents are reminded to observe extra caution when dealing with unpowered individuals. Aside from higher risk of injury and death, media fallout can be enormous. Err on the side of criminality rather than villainism, but maintain extra vigilance even in the case of villains. Tread lightly, and if at all possible, call in one of the freelance teams. (Addendum: Yes, everyone has a permanent dispensation to call in the Superbitches or the Rocket-powered Cunts if there are any more flying civillains.)

Just a reminder that takedown procedures for flighted suits are as follows:

Villains (including vigilantes):

  1. Drive the villain to a deserted or low-population location. Rooftops work, assuming the suit is built to regulation or along standard lines. Avoid them with heavier suits, unless the building is condemned.
  2. Ground the villain. Note: only use devices to achieve this that are rated specifically to depower flight but maintain use of dampening and cushioning systems, and only if you can be certain such systems are in place. Never use a device that interferes with safety mechanisms, or on anyone whose use of proper safety mechanisms is in question.
  3. Depower the suit. Do this as quickly as possible, before the villain takes flight again. Shaped EMP charges are recommended over high-voltage discharge.
  4. If at all possible, remove the suit. Preferentially ask the villain to remove the suit themself. Note: remove any volatile components as quickly as possible.
  5. Determine whether the villain has extranormal abilities.
  6. If the villain claims any regenerative ability, prick tests are pre-authorized. If the test fails, ask permission for a full panel, and proceed accordingly. Unless any regeneration is noted, in the absence of a claim, you may proceed as if no such power exists.
  7. In the absence of any extranormal abilities, or without strong evidence of their existence, once cuffed, defer to local authorities in detainment and processing. Cuffs should be left with the local authorities until a full determination of abilities is obtained.
  8. If the villain exhibits signs of extranormal ability, proceed as normal.

Note: The villain always has a right to refuse a regeneration panel. In all such cases, proceed as if they do have regeneration abilities until verification from a memetic or mirror can be obtained. Wait until the statement is filed before cuffing the villain (if false). Until regenerative abilities can be falsified, continue to use the secondary cuffs, and monitor closely.

Other criminals:

  1. Attach a locator to the suit as quickly as possible. It generally works best with two agents obviously tagging the subject, with one applied more surreptitiously, although more backups are recommended in the case of gray hats.
  2. Identify yourself to the subject.
  3. If the subject is borderline, or close to villain reclassification, inform the subject of those actions which require anti-villain action. If the subject proceeds to engage in those actions, follow villain procedures as outlined above.
  4. Follow the subject. Herd the subject as much as possible away from populated areas.
  5. If the subject stops, follow normal arrest procedures. Cuffs may be used at the discretion of the arresting agent except in borderline or reclassified cases.
  6. If the subject does not stop, continue to follow them until they reach a stopping place. If they indicate they will proceed to the nearest police station, guide them in that direction. If they indicate they will proceed to the tower, guide them to intake. If they do not communicate with you, assume their communications equipment is missing or malfunctioning, and do not engage unless they reach villain cutoff. Subjects may also proceed to their home or a public place. Try to guide them away from public places. In a public place, attempt to arrest them as inconspicuously as possible. If they reach a private residence or other private property, proceed with arrest only if they appear to be breaking in. Otherwise, record the address and wait for a warrant. If you observe the subject removing the suit, wait until they have fully removed the suit to proceed with arrest.
  7. If the subject’s suit runs out of power, be careful to catch them, and call for immediate medical attention if necessary. If a subject indicates to you that their suit is nearly out of power, give them directions for safe landing procedures.

Unpowered criminals should be turned over to local authorities as soon as possible. If this is not possible, intake should proceed as normal, and the unpowered criminals should be housed in the secondary block. (Under circumstances where the secondary block is occupied by one or more extranormal individuals, unpowered criminals may be housed in empty offices or meeting rooms.) If you have reason to believe the criminal may be wanted by other authorities, check all databases. (On occasions where the criminal is wanted by more than one other authority, transfer custody on a first-come first-serve basis, with military authority overriding.)

Unless additionally charged with reckless endangerment, vandalism, or assault, agents are discouraged from charging unpowered individuals with resisting arrest. However, extranormal fingerprints may be taken to ensure compliance with fines and warnings. If the database shows a pattern of behavior of noncompliance, further action may be taken, including warrants by extranormal fingerprint. Agents are encouraged to perform such arrests at the subject’s home, if at all possible.

Criminals with extranormal abilities may be turned over to local authorities if use of such abilities was low during the most recent criminal activities. If there was no such use of abilities, criminals must be turned over to local authorities, except in such cases where the powers themselves are markedly dangerous, or when the criminal exhibits a pattern of behavior such that further use of powers in a criminal context is expected. (Without such a pattern of behavior, a rating of over 65% likelihood from patterns may be substituted.) A pattern of unpowered criminal conduct may be grounds for interference from the FBI’s extranormal division.

When dealing with unpowered criminals, procedures should be followed to the letter. Additionally, obscure any individualizing elements of the arresting team. Mask division is strongly discouraged from being involved in any such proceeding. Remember: if you do everything by the book, you avoid media frenzies and abuse of power accusations.

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