Five miles before the bridge, the driver ran two red lights. Pictures clearly show a third passenger in the back seat whose body was not recovered. Choice of clothing and short hair indicate that the child, approximately 8-10 years old, is male, although the photos aren’t defined enough to be certain. (See age progression) Genetic analysis indicates that the Jane Does are mother and daughter; they’re presumably his mother and sister. It’s possible he’s related to the John Doe as well. Be on the lookout for a kid with dark blond or light brown hair and probably blue eyes.

The car is a 2003 Toyota Camry, silver. Addendum: Stolen, original owners identified, no relation, no involvement. (See interviews, appendix C) The kid didn’t know them and almost certainly would not have gone to them for help; they deny all knowledge of the kid and no one thinks they’re acting strange. Car’s a dead end. Also: the bracelet in the glovebox belonged to them, so no joy there.

There are clear signs on the vehicle of the door being forcefully opened (at human normal strength for an adult, possibly extranormal strength for a child), although unclear whether this was from the inside or outside. It’s conceivable that either he or his sister kicked the door open from the inside. It’s also possible someone else opened the door from the outside and bent the hinge that way. The seatbelt was cut off both rear seats intentionally at some point after the collision, although, obviously, only one passenger left/was removed.

Assuming no one else was involved, Johnnie presumably manifested powers. All three individuals in the car exhibit extranormal alleles, although no extranormal residue was recovered from the car (although, water), nor any other signs of power use. Jane Doe exhibits a complete A-Complex and C-Complex, and a partial B-Complex; Janie Doe exhibits complete versions of all three complexes. John Doe exhibits partial versions of all three complexes, although of such a composition that Johnnie Doe would have a good chance of having three activable complexes if John Doe is his father. (If he shares a father with Janie Doe, likelihood is even higher.)

Given analysis of Jane and Janie Doe, Johnnie Doe is most likely to have a powerset within either the temporal manipulation or light properties bands, although telekinetic and enhanced traits bands have a greater than average likelihood of manifestation. If John Doe is his father, Johnnie Doe’s chance of telekinetic band powers jumps to highest likelihood, and there’s a good chance of reality warping powers cropping up as secondaries. (Reality warping is lowest probability if Janie and Johnnie Doe share a father. It’s also possible that a third unknown is Johnnie’s father, potentially the kidnapper/rescuer.)

Most likely powers include some sort of water-based adaptation. Statistics suggest gills and/or webbed hands/feet accompanied by an internal compass. Also possible, but less likely, include cetacean-like adaptations (with respect to controlled breathing especially), extreme speed and/or strength, or a more complex set of standard or reasonably common abilities. (See adaptations by age group) However, it’s important not to discount the possibility that Johnnie developed a permanent or temporary amorphous/liquid form, or that he turned into some sort of fish or fish-like creature.

Amorphous forms by likelihood: delocalized speedster power group (see also: phase shifting), waveforms, energy beings (see also: slow teleportation), cohesive water entities

Creature manifestations by likelihood: hydra/medusa and other immortal-form sea creatures, phytoplankton entities (see also: single-cell aggregate intelligences), illusory shapeshifting, large sea creatures (by age group: especially sharks, alligators, dolphins, whales, possibly hippos)

Secondary powers probably include a heat adaptation, an ability to stay dry underwater or to dry off quickly, swimming ability or increased swimming capability, extranormal spatial awareness (up-down especially, but frequently also judging distances), and the ability to speak underwater. (If reality warping based, possibly also look for water tunneling, the ability to move through water as if on land/flying, alternate evolution mimicry, etc.) Possible but lower likelihood secondary powers include ability to communicate with underwater animals (or generalized), a generalized or specific technology sensing ability (boats or bridges likely; technopath possible although extremely unlikely), or cartographic/enhanced memory type abilities.

It’s possible the seatbelts were cut using an extranormal ability (either instead of a water adaptation, in addition to it, or by the Janie Doe). This could be an ability to manifest blades, sharpen them, turn other objects into them, or find/summon them (possibly straight TK). It’s also possible that it’s a directed ability that mimics the effects of a blade, or that a portion of Johnnie’s anatomy transformed, temporarily or permanently, into a blade (or blade-like claw). It’s also possible that either Johnnie or his kidnapper/rescuer was already carrying a blade, or that the other individual has a blade-based power.

Since both seatbelts were cut into, Johnnie probably did not develop any sort of teleportation power, the ability to pass through objects, or any kind of location-bending or primary reality-warping power. He also most likely still has a corporeal form. However, keep in mind his young age and state of mind under conditions this stressful; this may have been a reflexive or panicked action.

Although the fact that Janie Doe was left in the car despite an attempt to rescue her suggests that Johnnie escaped on his own, it’s also possible that there was outside intervention. Outside intervention is likely to be in the criminal range, given the abandonment of Janie Doe (possibly forcibly, if the kidnapper only wanted one child). Otherwise, Janie Doe may have already been dead; in this case, look for suspects with ESP or healing abilities who might have known this. Keep an eye on any villains, vigilantes, or freelancers training someone ~14 years of age exhibiting water-based abilities. Projections show the highest likelihood of apprentice training, followed by the expected outcomes for extranormal children. (See chart by age/powerset)

(See list of suspects)

(See chart of likely ranges of location based on powers manifested)

(See alternate age progression – Janie Doe)

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