Confirmed that they know his address. Other than the vandalism (which seems to have died down), further security measures are keeping them from breaking and entering. Paragon reports occasional harassment as he leaves or enters his home. Only one confirmed incident so far, when Apollo interrupted the pair egging Paragon’s car; they shouted insults at both as they left.

Paragon states with certainty that the pair know his phone number, email address, and a fair amount of other personal identifying information (including, obviously, full name and birthdate). While we have no record of this, Paragon has stated to satisfaction of several memetics (see appendix F) that he knows this to be true. Investigation is ongoing as to whether the pair have memetic powers of their own, or access to such, to convince him of these facts. (Note: if so, patterns gives 78% likelihood that they managed to glean the information through the same methodology.) Addendum: overall likelihood they have the information is upwards of 97% – patterns

They have publicly stated that they consider Paragon to be their archnemesis. (See list of interviews, see list of articles) So far, this seems to involve leaving insulting messages on his home and car, and calling him out in the press and online. No incidents yet of them interfering with investigations or causing physical altercations, although they have interfered with several arrests. It’s possible they’re being hired as a distraction or stressor, or setting up for a larger event down the line. (Note: likelihood of being mercenaries less than 18% – patterns)

Patterns has compiled a complete list (from available information) of facial expressions and mannerisms of Normal and Extranormal (see list) (see abridged list) (see comparison videos). Their body movements are typically identically, and keep in mind that both usually fight with gravity manipulation powers. Don’t look for differences in costuming, either; differences that seem to persist across interactions are meaningless, since we’re pretty sure they switch costumes (on purpose? They look the same) from incident to incident. Differences in immediate context seem to be an intentional distraction, or possibly meant to psychologically disarm opponents. They seem to switch accessories frequently.

Typically, Extranormal Force will use broader or more expansive gestures, and will speak with more variance in cadence. Normal Force is more restrained in both gesture and expression. If they’re both frowning at you, Extranormal is probably the one that looks angry, and Normal is probably the one that looks brooding. If you happen to get them naked – please try not to engineer this situation; they’re generally fairly non-combative – Normal has a scar in the center of his lower back that Extranormal does not. However, keep in mind that they may have created a (fake or real) scar on Extranormal to make them harder to distinguish. Also, twins frequently learn to mimic each other’s voices and mannerisms in childhood, so they may just be fucking with us. (Or could at any point.)

No word yet on what exactly they want with Paragon. Though they seem to indicate that he should know (as far as I know they’ve never said outright?) what they’re looking for, in both public and private (speaking to other masks), Paragon states that he doesn’t know what they want. He’s repeated this in many interviews, especially when evidence is laid out before him (they make him go to patterns about this way too much), and 8 out of 10 memetics agree that he definitely has no idea what they’re looking for from him. The other two indicate respectively that: it’s inconclusive whether he knows or not, and that he ‘should know but doesn’t’. (See interviews, see memetic analyses)

Addendum: only stated once outright – “Paragon knows how to fix this.” (see clip)

Addendum: Presumably, looking for apology or reparations. “He knows what he did.” “Ask Paragon why.” “I hope he has trouble sleeping at night, after that.” (here, here, and here)

Note: Paragon is now locked out of access to this file from any account. Sharing the file in whole or in part with him will result in a writeup.

When confronted with ‘what he did’ Paragon displays clear nervous behavior, although he insists he doesn’t know what they’re talking about. 9 out of 10 memetics state that he’s definitely lying (the other again finds it inconclusive); those that have gathered information on why obviously can’t share it. We’re waiting for further developments to seek a warrant if necessary, although as long as Normal and Extranormal Force remain low-confrontation, it doesn’t seem like a good use of time. Paragon has been formally reprimanded.

Further investigation into their methodology and goals is encouraged, although we can skip over the ‘why’ for now.

Addendum: you guys, is it bad that Hecate does nothing but glare constantly and Bubble won’t even look at him anymore?

Their costume manufacturer is a dead end; it’s the same one that does most of the villain costumes in the city, shipping to P.O. boxes that change with fair frequency. All previous addresses are defunct, and the new owners of those that have changed hands have no information. Tracking has so far been unsuccessful, presumably due to one or more mirror powers. The use of ‘Norm’ as a nickname is almost certainly a joke or for convenience.

Although most villains seem to know of them, contact remains low across all groups. No one has so far indicated knowing what they want, how they’re going to get it, or even why. Neither CI’s nor covert operatives can shed any further light on the matter. Some vigilantes report contact with them, although most are obviously quite uncooperative. Only consistent contact seems to be with Spiderbitch, or at least as consistent as her friendships get. When questioned further, she denies all knowledge of them. She’s stated on at least three occasions she’s never met them. (Possible memetic interference? Note: really, really low chances – patterns)

News reports are conflicting, and give all sorts of false details about them, in addition to creative reporting. Many stories are highly improbably if not impossible; others paint the pair as unsung heroes or activists for one cause or another (none of which they have any public affiliation to). They have made guest appearances in several TV shows, but all in costume. (see filmography)

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