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smokebombshell: I think the bigger question is, do we know where he came from before he was working as a hero? He didn’t start particularly young, so we have to assume that’s not when he got his powers, but that leaves a fair amount of time unacounted for. There’s no particular reason he couldn’t have been a villain for a while.

houdinimangosalsa: I thought we agreed that he was working for a private group?

genderfluidsassykitten: We’re trying to figure out his actual background, Mango. This isn’t for timeline compliance, it’s for the canon wiki.

houdinimangosalsa: oh. In that case, he was in the army for a few years.

smokebombshell: I’ve never seen those before. Where did you find them?

anyway, the point still stands that between the last date he was seen working for the army and the first date he was seen working for the WHC, that’s almost three years. What was he doing?

nulloferised: I’d alwasy assumed he was recuperating from an injury or something. Or PTSD.

smokebombshell: okay, REGARDLESS, he COULD HAVE BEEN working for hire for some vigilante group or even private detectives, OKAY?

genderfluidsassykitten: oops, sorry about that, Mango, apparently we are just discussing whatifs. my bad.

In that case, I propose he was on an alternate world working as an ambassador for a few years, where he secretly learned magic that he was swron not to use except in case of world-ending emergency. He teaches it to only two apprentices at a time and they both have to be bound to the same ancient contract scroll resrticting use. I propose Guardian and Guardian Angel.

smokebombshell: You know what, Kit, you don’t have to be an asshole, and also, you could try staying on topic for ONCE.

smokefan2034583: are you in danger of getting arrested??? Looopholes in the law you don’t know…never register as a technopath and stay SAFE for ten years

magicmirror420: does anyone know why smokebombshell is always so obsessed with smoke being a villain for a while like half her aus

houdinimangosalsa: I’m pretty convinced it’s because she secretly has a thing for villains, but also has a stick up her butt about liking bad guys so she has to like someone who’s really good.

nulloferised: I mean, I have a pretty big thing about the redemption arc, too, but honestly I think it’s a little wierd to be trying to make a thing about it in real life, like to make him actually have done it. I don’t think Smoke ever had an evil phase. I don’t think he even had a dubiously legal phase. Like, maybe he worked for Black as Night, because I can see that – I kind of think we’d have a record of it, though, since he’s going by the same name now as in the army. He could have before, though.

puppieskittenscapes: I kind of think the obsession is maybe racist, actually.

genderfluidsassykitten: Laila! Yeah, I got that feeling too.

smokebombshell: Oh, gee, okay, someone’s going to call me a racist out of nowhere with no explanation, that’s always fun.

puppieskittenscapes: Well, if you need an explanation, here it is: people are a lot more likely to try to assign criminal backgrounds to xoc than white extranormals, especially when it comes to public figures. Especially popular is, as in the redemption arcs you write, the fetishization of suffering, often making these characters more like caricatures, ‘forced’ into whatever stereotypical background you think makes the most sense for them having no choice but to become criminals.

smokebombshell: Actually, a lot of people are criminals. In fact, a lot of people DON’T have any choice except turning to crime, and guess what, a lot of poor people aren’t white, or did you forget that fact? I don’t know about you, but that sounds kind of racist to me. Maybe you forgot that Smoke is my favorite cape, or is that RACIST because I’m white?

puppieskittenscapes: Let’s leave aside the fact that you clearly didn’t read anything I just said, and I’ll remind you that Smoke is an ACTUAL PERSON who exists in ACTUAL REAL LIFE and therefore assigning him a criminal background when, by the looks of it, he entered the army by either enlisting at eighteen or through Fort Hudson, then entered law enforcement, is KIND OF FUCKING WEIRD.

smokebombshell: You don’t know any better than I do, so what makes your opinion more valid than mine? Oh, I forgot, its cause I’m white and you’re black, so you know everything. Whateve. If you people don’t want me here, then I’ll fuckng leave, how about that? This archive sucks lately. No one will even let you talk about a cape’d HYPOTHETICAL background.

puppieskittenscapes: so…what were we saying about Black as Night?

nulloferised: I don’t know if he necessarily would’ve had time, but I think Smoke could’ve worked for them sometime before he joined the army. Their motto and stuff is pretty in line with what he’s made for public statements (but that doesn’t really mean anything tho). I don’t actually think he did, but it might make a cool story.

houdinimangosalsa: I liket hat a lot, actually. Is this going to be an alterenate timeline thing, or is it something he did before but he’s hiding it, or what?

genderfluidsassykitten: I’m voting for he’s moved on, but there’s a mystery and/or love interest draggin him back into old political entanglements.

nulloferised: I had an idea for it that was like, what if our Smoke met a different Smoke (I was going to go with parallel Smoke, but now I have a really good idea for alternate timeline shananegins) and then they had to team up. No romance.

magicmirror420: okay but you’re wasting a perfect opportunity for Smoke to make out with his double and you know he would

nulloferised: haha, thsi would really be his alternate timeline self, so I think that would be selfcest and I can’t really write that, but you totally should if you want to. I think I might do the thing Kit said about rekindling an old love interest if it gets very long, if anyone’s interested in me writing it.

genderfluidsassykitten: I’d read it.

houdinimangosalsa: yeah write it

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