Independent – Criminal – Large Group (Lieutenant) – Neutralized

‘Doctor Blueprints’ a.k.a. ‘Octavian Bolt’ a.k.a. ‘Alan Turing’

Legal name(s): [redacted]

Black or African-American male, [redacted], 25-35 years

Active 5-10 years ago, San Salvador

First known appearance in or near [redacted] (see incident report [redacted] for details) – [some injuries, no deaths]

(see incident reports [redacted] for additional suspected and confirmed incidents prior to arrival in San Salvador)

First confirmed appearance San Salvador, prior to naming (see incident reports 1-2 for details) – 1 dead on scene, 2 in hospital, 7 critically injured; suit, gun, some sort of throwing weapon, [redacted]

(see incident reports 3-12 and 43-51 for activities prior to the foundation of PLC)

(see incident report 13 for first known use of handle ‘Doctor Blueprints’)


Note: this file has been modified


Known powers: technological insight, construction (robotics), enhanced memory ([redacted]), [enhanced senses], [enhanced strength], [redacted], [redacted], [deadeye]

Suspected powers: [redacted]

Addendum: Further speculation is discouraged.

Blueprints has a small applicable range for [redacted], on the order of one or two meters, and the larger end of that range has only been observed under stress. However, keep in mind that most of his skill lies in creating and utilizing autonomous objects, especially [redacted], which have effectively no range limit. His reliance is mostly on his weaponry rather than his [redacted], and in most situations he can be observed to [redacted]. There is no known limit to [his deadeye range].

Blueprints’ technological insight is extremely advanced; he appears to be capable of reverse engineering even [alien technology]. He needs little to no previous familiarity with the subject, and has to our knowledge no formal training in any form of engineering. According to reports (classified level 20), he [redacted]. He can [guess a fair amount of information] through observation alone.

His construction, in terms of suits, conventional weapons, and various unique projectile objects, is both prolific and advanced. When compared to agency equipment [his is better]. (Classified level 20) When compared to other independents with similar abilities, [his is better]. (Classified level 25) [He has never built a standalone robot of any kind.] He is capable of creating many other electronics, modifying electronics, and fixing equipment discarded as beyond repair. [He is not a programmer.]

His memory appears to be [very good]. (Classified level 25)

[He has enhanced senses. The most notable is his ability to detect movement, through both visual and auditory cues. He also has good eyesight and hearing overall. He has better long-range vision than average. He has a strong ability to differentiate tastes and smells. He has ESP related to technology but he is not a technopath.]

[He is very strong. He is about twice as strong as human normal.]

[redacted] (classified level 25)


[He has very good aim. He can hit small targets. He can hit distant targets. He can hit moving targets. He can hit many targets. His range is much larger for this than his other abilities.]

[He does not have any additional powers.]


Equipment: standard, suit (advanced), standard projectiles, nonstandard projectiles

Blueprints can be expected to carry a standard kit, including screwdrivers, twine, crowbars, etc. either in addition to or within his suit. This equipment [redacted] due to [redacted]. His suit is extremely advanced ([redacted]), and one on one fights are heavily discouraged; any unit smaller than three should not attempt to engage him, and only flying units. The suit uses [redacted]. It displays all expected abilities to greater degree than expected, and has no unusual abilities except a large number of [storage compartments], [redacted], and appearing completely airtight (or having the ability to become airtight at need).

Standard projectiles include a variety of guns in a variety of sizes, all of which he has high proficiency with, and [he is good at aiming]. He not infrequently carries a rocket launcher. [redacted] He has been noted on occasion to carry other projectile weapons, such as crossbows and an atlatl. He may sometimes throw knives or throwing stars. [His deadeye ability extends to those.]

Nonstandard projectiles include many items Blueprints has created himself, including [redacted]. They should be avoided if at all possible. [redacted]

His associates may be using equipment and weapons that he has designed or built.


Current threat level: [He is not a threat.]


In case of incursion incident: yes, safe, standard compensation (See PLC report for additional details and list of resources available) Addendum: no longer applicable

(See list of incursion involvements – 3)


Deaths directly attributable:

Confirmed: (Classified level 20)

(See list – Confirmed: civilians and non-mask personnel – classified level 20)

Attempted: (Classified level 20)

Implicated in the deaths of [redacted]

(See list – Suspected: villains – classified level 25)

(See list – Suspected: identified victims – classified level 25)

(See list – Suspected: unidentified victims – classified level 25)

Implicated in the disappearances of [redacted]

[All suspected homicides should be routed through Classified level 25]


Previously high up in the command structure of ‘PLC’ (San Salvador Maniacs) (see Classified level 20), he was one of the founding members and helped lead the team from early in the formation of the group until around six years ago. He was heavily involved in recruitment and organization of the structure. He may have been involved in some kidnappings, [but there is no evidence and the cases are no longer being pursued]. He was the contact point for many other criminal organizations, but has since been replaced, and little if any contact between groups has been lost.

The location of the PLC compound has changed since Doctor Blueprints was a member of the organization, and any evidence found in his files should be discounted. Likewise, equipment use and tactics have changed heavily. The PLC, among other criminal organizations, continues to use his older designs and further designs modified from them.

Undercover operatives are known to have been executed on his orders.

He has been neutralized.

(See list of deaths: ordered and collateral – classified level 20)

(See list of additional crimes – classified level 20)


Known associates:



See also:



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