Case File: Doctor Blueprints

Independent – Criminal – Large Group (Lieutenant) – Neutralized

‘Doctor Blueprints’ a.k.a. ‘Octavian Bolt’ a.k.a. ‘Alan Turing’

Legal name(s): [redacted]

Black or African-American male, [redacted], 25-35 years

Active 5-10 years ago, San Salvador

First known appearance in or near [redacted] (see incident report [redacted] for details) – [some injuries, no deaths]

(see incident reports [redacted] for additional suspected and confirmed incidents prior to arrival in San Salvador)

First confirmed appearance San Salvador, prior to naming (see incident reports 1-2 for details) – 1 dead on scene, 2 in hospital, 7 critically injured; suit, gun, some sort of throwing weapon, [redacted]

(see incident reports 3-12 and 43-51 for activities prior to the foundation of PLC)

(see incident report 13 for first known use of handle ‘Doctor Blueprints’)


Note: this file has been modified


Known powers: technological insight, construction (robotics), enhanced memory ([redacted]), [enhanced senses], [enhanced strength], [redacted], [redacted], [deadeye]

Suspected powers: [redacted]

Addendum: Further speculation is discouraged.

Blueprints has a small applicable range for [redacted], on the order of one or two meters, and the larger end of that range has only been observed under stress. However, keep in mind that most of his skill lies in creating and utilizing autonomous objects, especially [redacted], which have effectively no range limit. His reliance is mostly on his weaponry rather than his [redacted], and in most situations he can be observed to [redacted]. There is no known limit to [his deadeye range].

Blueprints’ technological insight is extremely advanced; he appears to be capable of reverse engineering even [alien technology]. He needs little to no previous familiarity with the subject, and has to our knowledge no formal training in any form of engineering. According to reports (classified level 20), he [redacted]. He can [guess a fair amount of information] through observation alone.

His construction, in terms of suits, conventional weapons, and various unique projectile objects, is both prolific and advanced. When compared to agency equipment [his is better]. (Classified level 20) When compared to other independents with similar abilities, [his is better]. (Classified level 25) [He has never built a standalone robot of any kind.] He is capable of creating many other electronics, modifying electronics, and fixing equipment discarded as beyond repair. [He is not a programmer.]

His memory appears to be [very good]. (Classified level 25)

[He has enhanced senses. The most notable is his ability to detect movement, through both visual and auditory cues. He also has good eyesight and hearing overall. He has better long-range vision than average. He has a strong ability to differentiate tastes and smells. He has ESP related to technology but he is not a technopath.]

[He is very strong. He is about twice as strong as human normal.]

[redacted] (classified level 25)


[He has very good aim. He can hit small targets. He can hit distant targets. He can hit moving targets. He can hit many targets. His range is much larger for this than his other abilities.]

[He does not have any additional powers.]


Equipment: standard, suit (advanced), standard projectiles, nonstandard projectiles

Blueprints can be expected to carry a standard kit, including screwdrivers, twine, crowbars, etc. either in addition to or within his suit. This equipment [redacted] due to [redacted]. His suit is extremely advanced ([redacted]), and one on one fights are heavily discouraged; any unit smaller than three should not attempt to engage him, and only flying units. The suit uses [redacted]. It displays all expected abilities to greater degree than expected, and has no unusual abilities except a large number of [storage compartments], [redacted], and appearing completely airtight (or having the ability to become airtight at need).

Standard projectiles include a variety of guns in a variety of sizes, all of which he has high proficiency with, and [he is good at aiming]. He not infrequently carries a rocket launcher. [redacted] He has been noted on occasion to carry other projectile weapons, such as crossbows and an atlatl. He may sometimes throw knives or throwing stars. [His deadeye ability extends to those.]

Nonstandard projectiles include many items Blueprints has created himself, including [redacted]. They should be avoided if at all possible. [redacted]

His associates may be using equipment and weapons that he has designed or built.


Current threat level: [He is not a threat.]


In case of incursion incident: yes, safe, standard compensation (See PLC report for additional details and list of resources available) Addendum: no longer applicable

(See list of incursion involvements – 3)


Deaths directly attributable:

Confirmed: (Classified level 20)

(See list – Confirmed: civilians and non-mask personnel – classified level 20)

Attempted: (Classified level 20)

Implicated in the deaths of [redacted]

(See list – Suspected: villains – classified level 25)

(See list – Suspected: identified victims – classified level 25)

(See list – Suspected: unidentified victims – classified level 25)

Implicated in the disappearances of [redacted]

[All suspected homicides should be routed through Classified level 25]


Previously high up in the command structure of ‘PLC’ (San Salvador Maniacs) (see Classified level 20), he was one of the founding members and helped lead the team from early in the formation of the group until around six years ago. He was heavily involved in recruitment and organization of the structure. He may have been involved in some kidnappings, [but there is no evidence and the cases are no longer being pursued]. He was the contact point for many other criminal organizations, but has since been replaced, and little if any contact between groups has been lost.

The location of the PLC compound has changed since Doctor Blueprints was a member of the organization, and any evidence found in his files should be discounted. Likewise, equipment use and tactics have changed heavily. The PLC, among other criminal organizations, continues to use his older designs and further designs modified from them.

Undercover operatives are known to have been executed on his orders.

He has been neutralized.

(See list of deaths: ordered and collateral – classified level 20)

(See list of additional crimes – classified level 20)


Known associates:



See also:



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Case File: Smoke the Mirror RPF (Transcript)

Note: Everyone on the site has been vetted; none of them have any connections to Smoke, with the exception of our ghost writers. (ghost writers) (enable links) (original screenshots)

Addendum: Smoke has asked not to be contacted regarding anything to do with this site (or any of his fansites, with the obvious exceptions). He’s not in charge of the file, and he doesn’t want updates. Notes within this file addressed to him will be ignored. Notes sent to him about this file will be ignored and complaints will be filed.


smokebombshell: I think the bigger question is, do we know where he came from before he was working as a hero? He didn’t start particularly young, so we have to assume that’s not when he got his powers, but that leaves a fair amount of time unacounted for. There’s no particular reason he couldn’t have been a villain for a while.

houdinimangosalsa: I thought we agreed that he was working for a private group?

genderfluidsassykitten: We’re trying to figure out his actual background, Mango. This isn’t for timeline compliance, it’s for the canon wiki.

houdinimangosalsa: oh. In that case, he was in the army for a few years.

smokebombshell: I’ve never seen those before. Where did you find them?

anyway, the point still stands that between the last date he was seen working for the army and the first date he was seen working for the WHC, that’s almost three years. What was he doing?

nulloferised: I’d alwasy assumed he was recuperating from an injury or something. Or PTSD.

smokebombshell: okay, REGARDLESS, he COULD HAVE BEEN working for hire for some vigilante group or even private detectives, OKAY?

genderfluidsassykitten: oops, sorry about that, Mango, apparently we are just discussing whatifs. my bad.

In that case, I propose he was on an alternate world working as an ambassador for a few years, where he secretly learned magic that he was swron not to use except in case of world-ending emergency. He teaches it to only two apprentices at a time and they both have to be bound to the same ancient contract scroll resrticting use. I propose Guardian and Guardian Angel.

smokebombshell: You know what, Kit, you don’t have to be an asshole, and also, you could try staying on topic for ONCE.

smokefan2034583: are you in danger of getting arrested??? Looopholes in the law you don’t know…never register as a technopath and stay SAFE for ten years

magicmirror420: does anyone know why smokebombshell is always so obsessed with smoke being a villain for a while like half her aus

houdinimangosalsa: I’m pretty convinced it’s because she secretly has a thing for villains, but also has a stick up her butt about liking bad guys so she has to like someone who’s really good.

nulloferised: I mean, I have a pretty big thing about the redemption arc, too, but honestly I think it’s a little wierd to be trying to make a thing about it in real life, like to make him actually have done it. I don’t think Smoke ever had an evil phase. I don’t think he even had a dubiously legal phase. Like, maybe he worked for Black as Night, because I can see that – I kind of think we’d have a record of it, though, since he’s going by the same name now as in the army. He could have before, though.

puppieskittenscapes: I kind of think the obsession is maybe racist, actually.

genderfluidsassykitten: Laila! Yeah, I got that feeling too.

smokebombshell: Oh, gee, okay, someone’s going to call me a racist out of nowhere with no explanation, that’s always fun.

puppieskittenscapes: Well, if you need an explanation, here it is: people are a lot more likely to try to assign criminal backgrounds to xoc than white extranormals, especially when it comes to public figures. Especially popular is, as in the redemption arcs you write, the fetishization of suffering, often making these characters more like caricatures, ‘forced’ into whatever stereotypical background you think makes the most sense for them having no choice but to become criminals.

smokebombshell: Actually, a lot of people are criminals. In fact, a lot of people DON’T have any choice except turning to crime, and guess what, a lot of poor people aren’t white, or did you forget that fact? I don’t know about you, but that sounds kind of racist to me. Maybe you forgot that Smoke is my favorite cape, or is that RACIST because I’m white?

puppieskittenscapes: Let’s leave aside the fact that you clearly didn’t read anything I just said, and I’ll remind you that Smoke is an ACTUAL PERSON who exists in ACTUAL REAL LIFE and therefore assigning him a criminal background when, by the looks of it, he entered the army by either enlisting at eighteen or through Fort Hudson, then entered law enforcement, is KIND OF FUCKING WEIRD.

smokebombshell: You don’t know any better than I do, so what makes your opinion more valid than mine? Oh, I forgot, its cause I’m white and you’re black, so you know everything. Whateve. If you people don’t want me here, then I’ll fuckng leave, how about that? This archive sucks lately. No one will even let you talk about a cape’d HYPOTHETICAL background.

puppieskittenscapes: so…what were we saying about Black as Night?

nulloferised: I don’t know if he necessarily would’ve had time, but I think Smoke could’ve worked for them sometime before he joined the army. Their motto and stuff is pretty in line with what he’s made for public statements (but that doesn’t really mean anything tho). I don’t actually think he did, but it might make a cool story.

houdinimangosalsa: I liket hat a lot, actually. Is this going to be an alterenate timeline thing, or is it something he did before but he’s hiding it, or what?

genderfluidsassykitten: I’m voting for he’s moved on, but there’s a mystery and/or love interest draggin him back into old political entanglements.

nulloferised: I had an idea for it that was like, what if our Smoke met a different Smoke (I was going to go with parallel Smoke, but now I have a really good idea for alternate timeline shananegins) and then they had to team up. No romance.

magicmirror420: okay but you’re wasting a perfect opportunity for Smoke to make out with his double and you know he would

nulloferised: haha, thsi would really be his alternate timeline self, so I think that would be selfcest and I can’t really write that, but you totally should if you want to. I think I might do the thing Kit said about rekindling an old love interest if it gets very long, if anyone’s interested in me writing it.

genderfluidsassykitten: I’d read it.

houdinimangosalsa: yeah write it

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Case File: Normal Force and Extranormal Force (re: Paragon)

Confirmed that they know his address. Other than the vandalism (which seems to have died down), further security measures are keeping them from breaking and entering. Paragon reports occasional harassment as he leaves or enters his home. Only one confirmed incident so far, when Apollo interrupted the pair egging Paragon’s car; they shouted insults at both as they left.

Paragon states with certainty that the pair know his phone number, email address, and a fair amount of other personal identifying information (including, obviously, full name and birthdate). While we have no record of this, Paragon has stated to satisfaction of several memetics (see appendix F) that he knows this to be true. Investigation is ongoing as to whether the pair have memetic powers of their own, or access to such, to convince him of these facts. (Note: if so, patterns gives 78% likelihood that they managed to glean the information through the same methodology.) Addendum: overall likelihood they have the information is upwards of 97% – patterns

They have publicly stated that they consider Paragon to be their archnemesis. (See list of interviews, see list of articles) So far, this seems to involve leaving insulting messages on his home and car, and calling him out in the press and online. No incidents yet of them interfering with investigations or causing physical altercations, although they have interfered with several arrests. It’s possible they’re being hired as a distraction or stressor, or setting up for a larger event down the line. (Note: likelihood of being mercenaries less than 18% – patterns)

Patterns has compiled a complete list (from available information) of facial expressions and mannerisms of Normal and Extranormal (see list) (see abridged list) (see comparison videos). Their body movements are typically identically, and keep in mind that both usually fight with gravity manipulation powers. Don’t look for differences in costuming, either; differences that seem to persist across interactions are meaningless, since we’re pretty sure they switch costumes (on purpose? They look the same) from incident to incident. Differences in immediate context seem to be an intentional distraction, or possibly meant to psychologically disarm opponents. They seem to switch accessories frequently.

Typically, Extranormal Force will use broader or more expansive gestures, and will speak with more variance in cadence. Normal Force is more restrained in both gesture and expression. If they’re both frowning at you, Extranormal is probably the one that looks angry, and Normal is probably the one that looks brooding. If you happen to get them naked – please try not to engineer this situation; they’re generally fairly non-combative – Normal has a scar in the center of his lower back that Extranormal does not. However, keep in mind that they may have created a (fake or real) scar on Extranormal to make them harder to distinguish. Also, twins frequently learn to mimic each other’s voices and mannerisms in childhood, so they may just be fucking with us. (Or could at any point.)

No word yet on what exactly they want with Paragon. Though they seem to indicate that he should know (as far as I know they’ve never said outright?) what they’re looking for, in both public and private (speaking to other masks), Paragon states that he doesn’t know what they want. He’s repeated this in many interviews, especially when evidence is laid out before him (they make him go to patterns about this way too much), and 8 out of 10 memetics agree that he definitely has no idea what they’re looking for from him. The other two indicate respectively that: it’s inconclusive whether he knows or not, and that he ‘should know but doesn’t’. (See interviews, see memetic analyses)

Addendum: only stated once outright – “Paragon knows how to fix this.” (see clip)

Addendum: Presumably, looking for apology or reparations. “He knows what he did.” “Ask Paragon why.” “I hope he has trouble sleeping at night, after that.” (here, here, and here)

Note: Paragon is now locked out of access to this file from any account. Sharing the file in whole or in part with him will result in a writeup.

When confronted with ‘what he did’ Paragon displays clear nervous behavior, although he insists he doesn’t know what they’re talking about. 9 out of 10 memetics state that he’s definitely lying (the other again finds it inconclusive); those that have gathered information on why obviously can’t share it. We’re waiting for further developments to seek a warrant if necessary, although as long as Normal and Extranormal Force remain low-confrontation, it doesn’t seem like a good use of time. Paragon has been formally reprimanded.

Further investigation into their methodology and goals is encouraged, although we can skip over the ‘why’ for now.

Addendum: you guys, is it bad that Hecate does nothing but glare constantly and Bubble won’t even look at him anymore?

Their costume manufacturer is a dead end; it’s the same one that does most of the villain costumes in the city, shipping to P.O. boxes that change with fair frequency. All previous addresses are defunct, and the new owners of those that have changed hands have no information. Tracking has so far been unsuccessful, presumably due to one or more mirror powers. The use of ‘Norm’ as a nickname is almost certainly a joke or for convenience.

Although most villains seem to know of them, contact remains low across all groups. No one has so far indicated knowing what they want, how they’re going to get it, or even why. Neither CI’s nor covert operatives can shed any further light on the matter. Some vigilantes report contact with them, although most are obviously quite uncooperative. Only consistent contact seems to be with Spiderbitch, or at least as consistent as her friendships get. When questioned further, she denies all knowledge of them. She’s stated on at least three occasions she’s never met them. (Possible memetic interference? Note: really, really low chances – patterns)

News reports are conflicting, and give all sorts of false details about them, in addition to creative reporting. Many stories are highly improbably if not impossible; others paint the pair as unsung heroes or activists for one cause or another (none of which they have any public affiliation to). They have made guest appearances in several TV shows, but all in costume. (see filmography)

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Case File: Johnnie Doe – Missing, suspected extranormal involvement

Five miles before the bridge, the driver ran two red lights. Pictures clearly show a third passenger in the back seat whose body was not recovered. Choice of clothing and short hair indicate that the child, approximately 8-10 years old, is male, although the photos aren’t defined enough to be certain. (See age progression) Genetic analysis indicates that the Jane Does are mother and daughter; they’re presumably his mother and sister. It’s possible he’s related to the John Doe as well. Be on the lookout for a kid with dark blond or light brown hair and probably blue eyes.

The car is a 2003 Toyota Camry, silver. Addendum: Stolen, original owners identified, no relation, no involvement. (See interviews, appendix C) The kid didn’t know them and almost certainly would not have gone to them for help; they deny all knowledge of the kid and no one thinks they’re acting strange. Car’s a dead end. Also: the bracelet in the glovebox belonged to them, so no joy there.

There are clear signs on the vehicle of the door being forcefully opened (at human normal strength for an adult, possibly extranormal strength for a child), although unclear whether this was from the inside or outside. It’s conceivable that either he or his sister kicked the door open from the inside. It’s also possible someone else opened the door from the outside and bent the hinge that way. The seatbelt was cut off both rear seats intentionally at some point after the collision, although, obviously, only one passenger left/was removed.

Assuming no one else was involved, Johnnie presumably manifested powers. All three individuals in the car exhibit extranormal alleles, although no extranormal residue was recovered from the car (although, water), nor any other signs of power use. Jane Doe exhibits a complete A-Complex and C-Complex, and a partial B-Complex; Janie Doe exhibits complete versions of all three complexes. John Doe exhibits partial versions of all three complexes, although of such a composition that Johnnie Doe would have a good chance of having three activable complexes if John Doe is his father. (If he shares a father with Janie Doe, likelihood is even higher.)

Given analysis of Jane and Janie Doe, Johnnie Doe is most likely to have a powerset within either the temporal manipulation or light properties bands, although telekinetic and enhanced traits bands have a greater than average likelihood of manifestation. If John Doe is his father, Johnnie Doe’s chance of telekinetic band powers jumps to highest likelihood, and there’s a good chance of reality warping powers cropping up as secondaries. (Reality warping is lowest probability if Janie and Johnnie Doe share a father. It’s also possible that a third unknown is Johnnie’s father, potentially the kidnapper/rescuer.)

Most likely powers include some sort of water-based adaptation. Statistics suggest gills and/or webbed hands/feet accompanied by an internal compass. Also possible, but less likely, include cetacean-like adaptations (with respect to controlled breathing especially), extreme speed and/or strength, or a more complex set of standard or reasonably common abilities. (See adaptations by age group) However, it’s important not to discount the possibility that Johnnie developed a permanent or temporary amorphous/liquid form, or that he turned into some sort of fish or fish-like creature.

Amorphous forms by likelihood: delocalized speedster power group (see also: phase shifting), waveforms, energy beings (see also: slow teleportation), cohesive water entities

Creature manifestations by likelihood: hydra/medusa and other immortal-form sea creatures, phytoplankton entities (see also: single-cell aggregate intelligences), illusory shapeshifting, large sea creatures (by age group: especially sharks, alligators, dolphins, whales, possibly hippos)

Secondary powers probably include a heat adaptation, an ability to stay dry underwater or to dry off quickly, swimming ability or increased swimming capability, extranormal spatial awareness (up-down especially, but frequently also judging distances), and the ability to speak underwater. (If reality warping based, possibly also look for water tunneling, the ability to move through water as if on land/flying, alternate evolution mimicry, etc.) Possible but lower likelihood secondary powers include ability to communicate with underwater animals (or generalized), a generalized or specific technology sensing ability (boats or bridges likely; technopath possible although extremely unlikely), or cartographic/enhanced memory type abilities.

It’s possible the seatbelts were cut using an extranormal ability (either instead of a water adaptation, in addition to it, or by the Janie Doe). This could be an ability to manifest blades, sharpen them, turn other objects into them, or find/summon them (possibly straight TK). It’s also possible that it’s a directed ability that mimics the effects of a blade, or that a portion of Johnnie’s anatomy transformed, temporarily or permanently, into a blade (or blade-like claw). It’s also possible that either Johnnie or his kidnapper/rescuer was already carrying a blade, or that the other individual has a blade-based power.

Since both seatbelts were cut into, Johnnie probably did not develop any sort of teleportation power, the ability to pass through objects, or any kind of location-bending or primary reality-warping power. He also most likely still has a corporeal form. However, keep in mind his young age and state of mind under conditions this stressful; this may have been a reflexive or panicked action.

Although the fact that Janie Doe was left in the car despite an attempt to rescue her suggests that Johnnie escaped on his own, it’s also possible that there was outside intervention. Outside intervention is likely to be in the criminal range, given the abandonment of Janie Doe (possibly forcibly, if the kidnapper only wanted one child). Otherwise, Janie Doe may have already been dead; in this case, look for suspects with ESP or healing abilities who might have known this. Keep an eye on any villains, vigilantes, or freelancers training someone ~14 years of age exhibiting water-based abilities. Projections show the highest likelihood of apprentice training, followed by the expected outcomes for extranormal children. (See chart by age/powerset)

(See list of suspects)

(See chart of likely ranges of location based on powers manifested)

(See alternate age progression – Janie Doe)

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Case file: Crimson Bluejay – breaking and entering, unlawful use of powers, public indecency – memo

All agents are reminded to observe extra caution when dealing with unpowered individuals. Aside from higher risk of injury and death, media fallout can be enormous. Err on the side of criminality rather than villainism, but maintain extra vigilance even in the case of villains. Tread lightly, and if at all possible, call in one of the freelance teams. (Addendum: Yes, everyone has a permanent dispensation to call in the Superbitches or the Rocket-powered Cunts if there are any more flying civillains.)

Just a reminder that takedown procedures for flighted suits are as follows:

Villains (including vigilantes):

  1. Drive the villain to a deserted or low-population location. Rooftops work, assuming the suit is built to regulation or along standard lines. Avoid them with heavier suits, unless the building is condemned.
  2. Ground the villain. Note: only use devices to achieve this that are rated specifically to depower flight but maintain use of dampening and cushioning systems, and only if you can be certain such systems are in place. Never use a device that interferes with safety mechanisms, or on anyone whose use of proper safety mechanisms is in question.
  3. Depower the suit. Do this as quickly as possible, before the villain takes flight again. Shaped EMP charges are recommended over high-voltage discharge.
  4. If at all possible, remove the suit. Preferentially ask the villain to remove the suit themself. Note: remove any volatile components as quickly as possible.
  5. Determine whether the villain has extranormal abilities.
  6. If the villain claims any regenerative ability, prick tests are pre-authorized. If the test fails, ask permission for a full panel, and proceed accordingly. Unless any regeneration is noted, in the absence of a claim, you may proceed as if no such power exists.
  7. In the absence of any extranormal abilities, or without strong evidence of their existence, once cuffed, defer to local authorities in detainment and processing. Cuffs should be left with the local authorities until a full determination of abilities is obtained.
  8. If the villain exhibits signs of extranormal ability, proceed as normal.

Note: The villain always has a right to refuse a regeneration panel. In all such cases, proceed as if they do have regeneration abilities until verification from a memetic or mirror can be obtained. Wait until the statement is filed before cuffing the villain (if false). Until regenerative abilities can be falsified, continue to use the secondary cuffs, and monitor closely.

Other criminals:

  1. Attach a locator to the suit as quickly as possible. It generally works best with two agents obviously tagging the subject, with one applied more surreptitiously, although more backups are recommended in the case of gray hats.
  2. Identify yourself to the subject.
  3. If the subject is borderline, or close to villain reclassification, inform the subject of those actions which require anti-villain action. If the subject proceeds to engage in those actions, follow villain procedures as outlined above.
  4. Follow the subject. Herd the subject as much as possible away from populated areas.
  5. If the subject stops, follow normal arrest procedures. Cuffs may be used at the discretion of the arresting agent except in borderline or reclassified cases.
  6. If the subject does not stop, continue to follow them until they reach a stopping place. If they indicate they will proceed to the nearest police station, guide them in that direction. If they indicate they will proceed to the tower, guide them to intake. If they do not communicate with you, assume their communications equipment is missing or malfunctioning, and do not engage unless they reach villain cutoff. Subjects may also proceed to their home or a public place. Try to guide them away from public places. In a public place, attempt to arrest them as inconspicuously as possible. If they reach a private residence or other private property, proceed with arrest only if they appear to be breaking in. Otherwise, record the address and wait for a warrant. If you observe the subject removing the suit, wait until they have fully removed the suit to proceed with arrest.
  7. If the subject’s suit runs out of power, be careful to catch them, and call for immediate medical attention if necessary. If a subject indicates to you that their suit is nearly out of power, give them directions for safe landing procedures.

Unpowered criminals should be turned over to local authorities as soon as possible. If this is not possible, intake should proceed as normal, and the unpowered criminals should be housed in the secondary block. (Under circumstances where the secondary block is occupied by one or more extranormal individuals, unpowered criminals may be housed in empty offices or meeting rooms.) If you have reason to believe the criminal may be wanted by other authorities, check all databases. (On occasions where the criminal is wanted by more than one other authority, transfer custody on a first-come first-serve basis, with military authority overriding.)

Unless additionally charged with reckless endangerment, vandalism, or assault, agents are discouraged from charging unpowered individuals with resisting arrest. However, extranormal fingerprints may be taken to ensure compliance with fines and warnings. If the database shows a pattern of behavior of noncompliance, further action may be taken, including warrants by extranormal fingerprint. Agents are encouraged to perform such arrests at the subject’s home, if at all possible.

Criminals with extranormal abilities may be turned over to local authorities if use of such abilities was low during the most recent criminal activities. If there was no such use of abilities, criminals must be turned over to local authorities, except in such cases where the powers themselves are markedly dangerous, or when the criminal exhibits a pattern of behavior such that further use of powers in a criminal context is expected. (Without such a pattern of behavior, a rating of over 65% likelihood from patterns may be substituted.) A pattern of unpowered criminal conduct may be grounds for interference from the FBI’s extranormal division.

When dealing with unpowered criminals, procedures should be followed to the letter. Additionally, obscure any individualizing elements of the arresting team. Mask division is strongly discouraged from being involved in any such proceeding. Remember: if you do everything by the book, you avoid media frenzies and abuse of power accusations.

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Case File: Guardian Angel (San Salvador)

Independent – Licensed – Solo – Nights and Weekends

‘Guardian Angel’ is usually referred to in context as ‘Angel’

(not to be confused with Angel (disambiguation))

Previous codenames: [redacted]

Legal name: [redacted] (See case file – level 9 clearance)

Caucasian male, brown eyes, blond hair, 6’2”, 48 years

Active 30-35 years, San Salvador

Manifestation incident: [redacted] (all files linked from this page require level 9 clearance)

First appearance [redacted], WI

Active in [redacted], ~3 years

Active in Newark, 4 years

Active in Bay City, 9 years

Active in Golden Gates, 2 years


Current powers: flight (telekinetic), strength, minor speed (reality warping), spatial awareness (functions as deadeye), durability (functions as stamina), healing (temporal (displacement)), mirror (immunity, control (minor)), aesthetic (moderate)

Potential power developments: moderate speed (likely with training), telekinesis (moderate with training), travelling (moderate), power sensing (unlikely), timeshift (unlikely), invulnerability (very unlikely), moderate mirror (control) (very unlikely), mirror (modification) (very unlikely)

Angel’s flight powers can extend to some objects (based on size) and up to two passengers (of any size). Although he typically uses aimed healing rather than field healing, he can extend his area of effect up to three meters away from himself (although the efficacy is lessened). His mirror control reaches up to ten meters, but functions only on objects, and only those still under extranormal control. All other powers are limited to his person.

Angel’s flight functions unmodified at roughly his swimming speed. Patterns finds it unlikely that it will increase without codevelopment of broad telekinesis. He can carry one passenger easily, and reports no increased sense of fatigue, and exhibits no symptoms. He’s capable of carrying an additional passenger, but reports tiring quickly, though experimental data suggest a steady but far slower decrease in ability than the mental decline would suggest. Experimentation with additional passengers ongoing. Objects up to roughly half Angel’s size can be carried easily, regardless of weight, and objects up to slightly larger than Angel can be carried with a steady increase in mental fatigue and a following increase in physical and extranormal fatigue. (see notes)

Angel’s strength is about five times human normal with regards to projected adult strength based on musculature at time of manifestation, which [redacted]. This may be misleading, because Angel was intensely athletic at that age, and is these days more sedentary, so looks to have a lean and only moderately strong frame. His strength is therefore more than five times human normal based on current musculature, although it doesn’t fluctuate with changes in his appearance, weight, etc. Although he can’t turn this power off (i.e. if he would not be able to lift something normally, the power will automatically kick in), it doesn’t instate itself in all cases, allowing him to build muscle using normal ranges of weights. He exhibits the Kingston Classic secondary power paradigm. (see notes)

Angel’s speed is about 10% above top human normal running speed; this is an average, as it varies by energy level. He uses the reality warping variant uncommon to speedsters but common to spatial-manipulation style travelers; this is presumably the cause of his spatial awareness. (see notes)

Angel’s spatial awareness is greatly increased, comparable to those with enhanced senses, or generalized ESP. Although initially registering as a passive secondary power ([redacted]), careful training has allowed him to use it as a deadeye power, registering with much greater than average (even extranormal average) awareness of the spatial relationships between himself and his targets. An enhanced (normally enhanced) knowledge of physics also allows him to use this power to a great degree in fights, especially against multiple opponents, which has some strange effects on the visual quality of any footage thereof. (see notes) Also, he can tell you the exact dimensions of stuff.

Angel has M.I.T.-Harvard paradigm enhanced durability, with a toughness factor of 7 and an Erdos scaling of 15. He has an esoteric secondary powerset (see breakdown) which allows this durability to function as endurance/stamina (which didn’t come with his type of speed), boosting the length of time for which he can fight or work. It also slows degradation of the muscle tissue, meaning that he isn’t losing much in the way of (normal) strength as he ages. (see notes)

“Still getting wrinkly, though!” – Guardian Angel

He has a primary healing power (which is actually common for [redacted]). It’s a temporally based healing power, so has little effect on chronic conditions or severe illnesses (excepting those that impact the immune system), but is very good for acute conditions (barring complications) and especially for injuries. (see compatibility list) Because his is a time displacement power, he may be able to heal injuries untreatable by other temporal healing powers by displacing injuries to a time when natural healing would occur more quickly or comprehensively. This tires him quickly, though, and his generally preferred method is functionally identical to temporal accelerators. (see notes) Guardian Angel is on call for emergency cases only.

Angel has two mirror powers: immunity and control. His mirror immunity is 97% White Hat standard. (see notes) His mirror control is esoteric; rather than affecting powers overall, it affects only the subset of powers that produces physical objects. (Further investigation allows that this power can affect physical objects as small as molecules, although with diminishing effects, which explains the phenomenon with the hydrokinetics.) When an object is created (see references) by a power, Angel has control over it under the conditions that the original user does or would. Objects that are created and immediately leave extranormal control are unaffected. Since Angel has no nullification powers, he will be required to fight for control over these objects, and unless the original user rescinds control for whatever reason, other factors will decide who has the greater control. (see notes)

Angel has an aesthetic powerset subject to conscious control (Dolfen Cinematic*). The rippling effect he uses on his cape apparently also works on his hair (including wigs), although he’s always kept his hair short. The glow seems to default to the same silver as his costume, but actually varies when he wears other colors (as long as they were designed for him). The missing factor is that his eyes don’t change appearance under any conditions (so far). (see notes)

Angel’s sleep effects are as follows: it takes about twice as long as human normal to succumb to sleep deprivation symptoms, alertness, instant waking (including natural waking), possible modified circadian (6.5 hour nights), resistance to sleep powers (distinct from mirror) (see notes) X-impact: all sedatives and all drugs with sedative effects (including antihistamines)


Equipment: standard, medical supplies, chemicals

Angel carries the agency standard equipment (he uses our kits) and most of the recommended licensed citizen enforcement package. He’s also generally known to carry a fairly broad range of transportable medical equipment (including an AED), in case his powers are drained or not working, there are too many people to treat at once, or there are injuries that don’t necessitate extranormal intervention. If you run out of bandages etc. and he’s nearby, don’t hesitate to ask him for a hand. He won’t get involved in most cases, but he’ll always hand over supplies (or transport you back here). He carries around various kinds of chemicals at different times; he always has dry ice and usual has sodium (and iodine for disinfecting etc.) and may have other useful things. He won’t always let you have them.

Angel carries these in a non-weight-modified extradimensional container, but it’s actually not that heavy to lift even without strength.


Current threat level: green (NSA: 7c14)

In case of incursion incident: on call, preliminary investigation or planning committee if under expertise (see list)

(See list of incursion involvements – 19)


Deaths: (see list, investigations linked from list)

Arrests: (see list)

Current investigations: (level 9)


Angel is happy to help in executing dangerous or difficult warrants, but may otherwise be wary of involving himself in any investigations. In case of emergency, he’s on call as a healer or protection. He will be more available during the evening shift, weekends, or school holidays. During classes, he’ll only respond to emergency events, and will typically like to be travelled both ways.

Most of his investigations center around students local to the area, i.e. investigating their previous schools, neighborhoods, families, etc. and those people who visit students. He will typically present (well-cataloged!) evidence rather than apprehend perpetrators himself. Recommendation is to push through all of Guardian Angel’s cases, as they are typically quick to close with plea deals, and if taken to court have a good chance of conviction. He is known to stop campus crime when in progress, but rarely investigates. (see injunction against Greek system investigations)

Angel can be found volunteering in goods transport and distribution, construction projects, and healing, usually under corporate sponsorship. (see preferred organizations) (see upcoming events)


Known associates:

Family members: [redacted], Paladin (Greaveshire)

Friends: [redacted], Time (healer), Psychobitch, Copypasta (San Salvador)

WHC contact: Top Dog

(see list of other organization contacts)


See also:

  • Bollywood Superman
  • DoubleTeam
  • Ultraviolet
  • Weathervane
  • Rocket Powered Cunts
  • Superbitches

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Case File: Vivisection Killer (Transcript)

Conversation excerpted from TeleKittenesis; threat level still low, but chances of vigilante action rising. (See patterns’ list of high risk suspects) (enable links) (show screenshots)

Cat Catterson

I mean, you guys know the Vivisection Killer is still out their, right? Just be careful is all I’m saying.

Pol Graydon

Great advice coming from someone who can’t spell ‘their’ correctly.

Myra Tennyson

oh look 1st ot post

Amy Eleanor Jacobs

Maybe they thought of it because of the kitten scratching everyone at the beginning there? That’s the only thing that I can think of.

Kyle Denning

maybe she’s high that’s what i can think of

Mad Catter

it’s like we can’t get through five minutes without one anymore

Honor Rhodes

Put up some rules or something, mods, goddamn!

Becky Goodman

Have you see the videos they’re putting up? the mods don’t give a sh** anymore. One of those videos was nothing but dogs – hey Cat Catterson, how about you go whine over there?

Alice Ng

Some of us like the dog videos.

Becky Goodman

Some of ‘us’ need to f**k off

Buffy Anne Summers

Becky Goodman I think a lot of people like the dog videos, or they wouldn’t put them up. I know I like them.

Alex Wilmer

I’m in San Salvador right now (visiting friends) and I can tell you it’s a lot more hyped nationally than locally. He actually hasn’t gotten that many people and it looks okay around here (at least where I am). Stay safe, though!

Matteo Pesci

great advice comin gfrom someone who cant spell paul correctly

Becky Goodman

is the name of the sight TeleDognesis? No it f**king isnt! but maybe it should be because this sight is full of B**CHES

Les Maxwell

serial killers on the rise

Buffy Anne Summers

Becky Goodman Calm down, I didn’t even say anthign to you. I don’t know why you have to yell at everyone.

James James

Ignore Becky she’s a troll.

Verruca Park

Ignore James he’s the vivisection killer.

Kennedy Hampton

not cool

Dionysus Van Helsing

yeah my brother totally got killed by him

Pol Graydon

Oh, did he? I assume he’s on this list then.

Tony Berenson

Pol Graydon leave him alone, he’s like ten or something.

Rachel Feinberg

I thought you were gone Pol Graydon why can’t you just fuck off

Carolina Bester

The best way to protect yourself from extranormal attackers is to neutralize their powers. You can get a device that produces a field around and should stop any attacks (even ranged) that get near you. They’re only around $300-500 and you can order them online.

Steve Dastan

Pol’s back!

James James

That’s not cool, kid. I mean, I wish my brother dead a lot, too, but this guy?

Becky Goodman

Yeah well that’s what happens when you don’t regulate

Eddie Quinn

maybe you shoul shut your fat fuckig mouth

Margarita Rivera

Are you seriously saying people should be registered or something, like kittens

Hugo Watts

Beckky Goodman do you even know what site you’re on? for EXTRANORMAL kittens?

Joey Bachman

Yeah maybe if u shut it uy would eat less

Becky Goodman

No, I’m saying people should be locked up or at least have to tell everyone like they make the brainrapists do. At least kittens ARE registered

Becky Wattanapanit

Wow, that’s a super okay word to be using and not extraphobic at all

Marybeth Keanes

Not to mention is delegitimizes rape, and anyway, most telepaths are women. You shouldn’t treat rape so lightly, especially in this context.

Kai Mirror

Oh, but it’s cool to treat bigotry lightly.

Chris Partyanimal

but it’s fine to treat Vivisection lightly tho

Billy Bob Leonard

But it’s fine to treat it lightly when someone’s rummaging around your brain without permission??? Get a grip, lady!

Akira Kira


Tasha Penn

who else is completely unsurprised that Billy Bob Leonard is anti-powers

Becky Goodman

Oh, yeah, it’s so f**ked up to want people to leave your brain alone and not, like, blackmil you or steal your bank account or something. This is why the vivisection killer can just do whatever he wants; because you peopld ar ealways fighting so hard for everyone to ‘respect their rights’ orwhatever. What about my rights?

Audrey Aubreysmommy Tyler

You really shouldn’t call people fat, okay. That is fat-shaming and that is part of bullying culture (whihc is obviously very important to be) because sometimes people have weight disorders and thyroid problems you don’t know. I have never had problems with it obviously but I have friends who do and they would not appreciate your comments. They try very hard to loose weight but it is hard

Fabian Little

what’s your icon supposed to mean Kai Mirror

Mad Catter

oh, yeah, people should totally be respecting your right to be mad at them for existing. I mean, like, who do they think they are, all having powers eerywhere, and eveb NEAR YOU. how is that hate???

Becky Goodman

Mad Catter Thank You!!

Tyrone Smith

Funny about ‘respecting rights’, because that seems like a thing we can’t do in this country.

Netta Singh

James James there’s actually a lot people are trying to cover up to make it seem like it’s not that bad. You can see videos.

Joey Bachman

ur fat ass an ur babys ugly lol

Billy Bob Leonard

Tyrone Smith Don’t make this political.

Makayla Hawkins

just because one guy is a murderer, I mean, there’s lost of normal people who are murderers and no one says it should be illegal not to have powers

Jamison Kent

oh they’re not ALL lazy and eating too much i guess being fat isn’t a bad thing anymore well shit lets just put more of my tax moey on welfare than

Kai Mirror

I think it should be illegal not to have powers.

Joey Bachman

u suck wallstreet far cat

Mad Catter

Kai Mirror not helping

Kai Mirror

Oh, I’m sorry, was I supposed to be helping? Here I thought it didn’t matter what I say, since the fat ass of the bell curve wasn’t going to listen to me anyway.

Mad Catter

you know some of us have powers and don’t have to be jerks

Pendergast Hall

Nobody HAS to be a jerk

Jessica Mansell

I actually think Becky is really pretty even if she is a cunt.

Donna Norris

And some of us have powers and DO have to be jerks.

Greg Krakaur

I think you’re really preetty and not a cunt, Jessica Mansell.

Tad Bronson

i would do her

Kai Mirror

Yeah, well, some people have everything else going for them, too, and have the luxury of not being jerks. How everything working out for you on daddy’s yacht?

James James

Netta Singh I really fucking hope those aren’t real videos because it doesn’t need to be worse

James James

Netta Singh Oh, god, what’s wrong with you? There’s a reason they didn’t show those and that reason is nobody needs to see that shit ever.

Kelly Yuan

Netta Singh Thank you for those actually. That’s very informative.

Billy Bob Leonard

Netta Singh Yes, actually, people should see these videos. This is the kind of problem way too many people want to ignore and just pretend it’s a few ‘problem powers’. Now, I don’t live in San Salvador, but you can bet if I did I would be getting extra security in my house! We don’t have those kind of people around here!

Ella White

@Cat Catterson while this is a real issue, I don’t think this is the forum for it. People are mostly here to talk about kittens. have you tried any extranormal discussion boards?

Ella White

@Amy Eleanor Jacobs I think so too – I alsmot said this video was a little in poor taste.

Ella White

@Becky Goodman you need to relax a little about the dogs. I keep seeing your posts on nearly every video complaining about them, and it’s kind of gootten old.

Ella White

@Becky Goodman also can you stop swearing at people

Ella White

@Alex Wilmer wow, what are people saying locally? I’d really like to hear an insider (sort of, lol) perspective on what it looks like! But you stay safe too haha!

Ella White

@Matteo Pesci actually that’s just a different way of spelling Paul in other languages.

Ella White

@Les Maxwell sources?

Ella White

@Carolina Bester actually, if you go to a military surplus store (you may have to try more than one, and your best bet is actually the small ones) you can get one for $60 sometimes (and they’re usually under $100 anyway). They’re bulkier and kind of ugly, but the do the same job, and some of them even have a bigger range.

Ella White

@Jame James you really shouldn’t wish your brother dead

Ella White

@Eddie Quinn you really shouldn’t call people fat

Ella White

@Joey Backman you really shouldn’t call people fat

Ella White

@Marybeth Keanes agree

Ella White

@Billy Bob Leonard agree

Ella White

@Akira Kira Thanks!

Steve Dastan

Oh my god give it a rest “@Ella White”

Ella White

@Audrey Aubreysmommy Tyler you’re actually being part of fat-shaming culture by saying people who are sick are the only one allowed to be fat, but actually lots of people like it or feel its their ‘natural weight’ and that is their choice let people be happy okay

Ella White

@Mad Catter I don’t think that’s very nice and I don’t have any problem with people having their powers near me as long as they’re not using them

Ella White

@Tyrone Smith well maybe you should DO SOMETHING about that instead of complaining

Ella White

@Netta Singh you should probably put a warning on those videos. They’re pretty gruesome.

Ella White

@Billy Bob Leonard maybe people wouldn’t HAVE to make things political if racists like you would actually listen to black people instead of just telling them to shut up

Ella White

@Adison Kent actually the reason people on welfare are usually fat is because it’s cheaper to buy potato chips than apples and stuff

Ella White

@Kai Mirror ???

Ella White

@Kai Mirror oh, I get it, but actually, if you were nicer, people would want to listen yo you more. Yelling at people doesn’t actually help anyone, so you should try having some empathy for their situation instead. then people might want to help you with you problems and want to learn more.

Ella White

@Pendergast Hall here here!


kittens r dum

Ella White

@Donna Norrie I don’t think you have to be a jerk. I think you can be nice if you wanted to. I believe in you!

Ella White

@Tad Bronson gross

Ella White

@ Steve Dastan you dont have to be rude I’m just trying to have a conversation

James James

Netta Singh No ofense btw

T.J. Reyes

Billy Bob Leonard Extranormal security?

Billy Bob Leonard

If necessary, yes.

Becky Goodman

Mad Catter you don’t even use your real name what do you have to hide?

Mad Catter

among other things my ssn, unless you think we shouldn’t have those, either

Becky Goodman

Oh look another freak putting words in my mouth. I suppose I’m a racist now, too?

Josh Goldsmith

you are a racist tho, becky

Frieda Tillman

Hey, none of use were saying anything, but if the shoe fits, find another one just like it and dance the fucking night away, Becky.

Kai Mirror

Well, gosh, look at that! Unprovoked insults against someone simply for the group they belong to, not like we’re already disenfranchised and put onscreen purely for someone’s fetish or to make them feel all smug and inclusive. Let’s just totally ignore the fact that the only way an ACTUAL director can make a film is if it’s some sort of perfect victim trauma porn. Go step on a lego, modal.

Cory Vaughan

I actually don’t see anything racist happening here. I think you all need to calm down and actually look at what Becky Goodman said.

Mad Catter

Becky Goodman I never called you a racist, but you did say I should be locked up or branded.

Harry Jacobs

Brett Jacobs Charlie Jacobs Edna Jacobs Amy Eleanor Jacobs Tammy Stilton Judy Kershaw Liam Weiss oh man

Becky Goodman

I’m blocking you.

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Case File: Just Say Normal – recent incidents

A bunch of the local public schools are buying into their most recent scam. We can’t touch any of the charters – the old bill is still in effect – but most of them aren’t going all out anyway. The private schools going along with this have claimed religious exemption; most of the public schools have been trying something along the same lines (really???). They’re mostly in the same area, so populations are low, but keep in mind you can’t escort any of the kids to school unless you stick with them all day (liability reasons). Some lawyers are pro bono’ing petitions to change schools and some social workers are checking things out; you can go with them if they need protection and you’re free to leave whenever they dismiss you.

The thing with the statue (click here to sign the petition to keep it)

The thing with the other statue (the horse one) (click for incident report)

Convenience store robbery (alleged) (click for incident report)

They’ve managed to file an injunction against three separate clinics and one hospital not to X-test newborns. Because that will stop them from ever getting powers. Keep in mind, this is in addition to getting the bill passed about testing not being a routine part of physicals, and now insurance won’t cover it unless you can prove a likely ‘inciting incident’, even if it’s already been determined that someone has powers. (link removed) (link removed) (click here to donate to the Extranormal Testing and Education Fund) (link removed) (click here to subsidize X-tests for newborns)

Museum arson (click for incident report) (FBI says they don’t like them for it) (we don’t like them for it either – patterns) (Addendum: hey, if these morons want to go to jail over something they didn’t even do, I’ll take their confessions)

Speech we’re keeping on file because you know it’s going to come up at a murder trial at some point (click for video) (click for transcript) (click to volunteer for surveillance detail) (Addendum: is it really hate speech though?) (Addendum: click for proof of why, yes, it is hate speech) (Addendum: watch the video again, actual threats at 2:21 and 9:43) (Addendum: and 16:55)

The thing where they push the little girl into the puddle – is anyone pressing charges for this? Have we identified her? (click for video)

Vandalism (car) (see incident report)

Vandalism (house) (see incident report)

Harassment (see list)

Stalking (see list) (see class action) (add yourself to the class action) (I know this one’s not going to go through, either, but the look on their faces is priceless)

The ‘licensed’ demonstration where we couldn’t arrest their asses for obstructing traffic because it looks like it has a political motivation. (Oh, but see corresponding incident reports for, let’s see, assault, assault, assault, assault on an officer, and this guy punched a dog WTF) Also, are we establishing a presence at the special needs school once it opens again? (Addendum: you guys are overreacting, none of them were even injured) (Addendum: “special needs school”) (Addendum: the look on the dog’s face, though) (Addendum: dog okay confirmed) (Addendum: Oh? Where’s our ‘kids okay confirmed’? Note: all three kids are fine, Detective Keller is also fine, Agent Keller wants to know why you none of you care about his broken arm OR his brother)

Vandalism (house) (see incident report)

Vandalism (store) (see incident report)

Assault (see incident report)

Vandalism (house) (see incident report)

Assault (see incident report)

Sexual assault (see incident report) (Note: disavowed, and he’s chosen to step down “while this heinous allegation is being investigated”) (Addendum: yeah, but you know their platform) (Addendum: they managed to add the hate crime charge) (Addendum: I wish they hadn’t. They’ll never get a conviction now) (Addendum: can’t be that hard to prove he’s a bigot) (Addendum: who cares as long as we’ve got his DNA? I promise you he’s going to solve at least a dozen cases for us)

Vandalism (house) (see incident report)

Vandalism (cars) (see list) (see incident report)

Theft (some paperweight thing with historical significance?) (see incident report)

Fraud (see incident report) (this was the pyramid scheme – updated)

Fraud (see incident report) (this is incorporating as a non-profit; look out for a ‘change in leadership’ any time now)

Fraud (this is them claiming they can lay on hands and fix people) (Addendum: not actually illegal) (Addendum: since when is assault and child abuse not illegal) (Addendum: imagine if the people who do it are actually mirrors tho) (link removed) Related: what are they doing with all those latents – are they telling them they can prevent them from manifesting or something?

Vandalism (house) (see incident report)

Thing with the duck (see video) (see incident report) (see final report from Fish and Wildlife)

Unlawful recordings (see incident report) (see related incidents)

Unlawful use of powers (see incident report) (bet the kid had fun explaining that one) (Addendum: no joke – see incident report) (click for fund)

Kidnapping (three counts) (see incident report) (see kidnappings w/ similar MO)

Vandalism (church/school) (see incident report)

Vandalism (house) (see incident report)

Vandalism (statues) (see incident report)

Naked drunk guy yelling (see incident report) (see video) (see autotuned video) (see dance remix) (see remix with clips of Weathervane looking horrified)

Selling CDs (see incident report) (Addendum: hope you busted their asses) (Addendum: Plead out, got community service) (Addendum: operating unlicensed should be allowed to be a hate crime) (Addendum: their music would be a hate crime even if you took out the lyrics)

Okay, a couple of them have been caught out infiltrating that support group, so now it’s down to an actual blood test for membership to prove you’re at least a latent, plus they have at least one memetic on site asking if your motivations are sound, and I hope we’re posting a couple of guys because that shit is ripe to turn into a clusterfuck of epic proportions. Addendum: shit, they have a mirror now, sensing people out, and she can tell what kind you have, fyi in case anyone used that group; also, they caught the other one

Bullying latents into signing that vow that they’ll never get (or use? Not sure Note: who could even tell Note: who cares the shit that goes through their minds it’ll never make sense) powers. Some of these kids are barely old enough to know how to write their names. (Addendum: sending someone out after the adopted/foster kids, but not much else we can do) (Addendum: there’s a lawyer who’s up for custody disputes with any of those kids) (link removed) There seems to be some sort of class or classes they can sign up for while they’re there, and the kids keep going back 3x weekly.

Vandalism (house) (see incident report)

Petition to make all powers public record (for the love of god, go out and vote, people)

Vandalism (house) (see incident report)

Vandalism (car) (see incident report)

Vandalism (house) (see incident report)

Vandalism (fountain) (see incident report)

Assault (see incident report)

Giant inflatable dildo (see video) (Addendum: not actually in any way illegal or relating to anything that is or might be illegal, and also not their dildo) (Addendum: hilarious though) (Addendum: not so! See threatening letter) (Addendum: god, I can’t believe this is actually evidence of something)

Theft (car) (also vandalism of same car) (see incident report)

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Case File: Incident report: The Evil Reporter – unlawful use of powers

Note: People, stop calling him evil. He’s not evil. He’s just a reporter.

Addendum: an evil reporter

Addendum: A regular reporter.

Addendum: evil

Addendum: regular

Addendum: EVIL

Addendum: Elmer season

Once upon a time, there was an evil reporter. (Addendum: a regular reporter! Addendum: no, defs evil – patterns) He was from a small, no-name town in the backwaters of California, and he wanted to know everything there was to know about all of the inhabitants of that sleepy little town. (Addendum: You guys, it’s just called Littlefield.) And so he watched. And he waited. And he followed people into their homes. Sometimes, when they were sleeping, he would watch from the windows, peering in to see what they kept on their desks and dressers. If they were to wake, he would lean in and whisper, “go back to sleep. It’s only the wind.”

And he would photograph them, and collect files on them, collating notes, scanning old receipts. He would go through their trash and print off any public records on them. He lived for gossip; he always stood just out of sight, waiting for someone to let a juicy detail slip. And he knew things, so many things, about all of his neighbors. Oh, he would publish an article, from time to time, but that wasn’t enough for him. No, he wanted more. His pinboard collages weren’t enough for him, anymore, his carefully curated recordings, his neatly typed manila folders with the names of everyone in town going back five generations. But only so much was of interest to the rag that employed him.

And so he stalked to the roof one night. He screamed to the heavens. Rain poured down. Lightning flashed. And when he was struck by a particularly powerful bolt, it was no ordinary lightning – it glowed the sickly green of radiation, and held steady for an hour or more. (Note: Randall, seriously, you have got to stop reading that tripe.)

And what powers did he gain? Why every power known to man or god, of course, and some known only to the whispers between the stars themselves, knowledge lost forever to the deeps of space, echoing back too slowly from the walls of the ever expanding universe.

(Addendum: Randall, really? Addendum: Not actually Randall that time; that lovely sentence is courtesy of Mic, who had the misfortune of meeting Evil Reporter and Slightly Less Evil But Still Sinister Journalism Student during sweeps. Addendum: Mic reads too much SF and/or physics, not sure which. Note: Mic wrote that sentence??? What are we, exquisite corpsing this shit now???)

(Note: In the interest of making clear, here, Evil Reporter does not in fact have every power known to man. So far as we can isolate, he has charisma, some sort of honesty/babbling type power, x-ray vision (Addendum: not an accurate name Note: Shut up Jameson no one cares), and basically every memory enhancement under the sun. (Addendum: You SEE?? EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN.) He also has access to a fair amount of memetic equipment, but there’s no way most of that is without some sort of technological aid.)

And never was the Evil Reporter the same again. He had POWER now, and could no longer be confined by the dreary manacles of small town life.


(Note: Yeah, our tale began a while ago. Also, this is not a tale. This is an indecent report. Addendum: incident report. Addendum: Caught that before I sumbitted it, thanks.)

Winter, in our fair city. The dead of night. Now.

The Evil Reporter stalks the city streets, hungry, ever hungry, for a tale worth telling, a tale that will line his pockets and fill his cabinets, a tale that will bring him renown.

Or better yet, a tale he will take to his grave.

(Addendum: Smoke, when you do that, no one can tell whether it’s a threat or hyperbole. If so, thanks, we get it, he likes to know things for the sake of knowing them. Otherwise, no stalking, bad.)

Now the Evil Reporter comes upon a fair maiden in the blush of youth. Now the Evil Reporter feeds her lies, plying her for shards of truth. Now the Evil Reporter whispers love in her ear, now the Evil Reporter plays on her fears. (Addendum: Now the Evil Reporter sees through her clothes. What? With that power, no one ever knows.) Now the Evil Reporter demands of her facts, now the Evil Reporter yearns to learn of Evil Acts. (Note: Is this really how we’re playing this? She slapped him; it’s not like she was some sort of ingénue.) (Addendum: click for video of slapfighting bliss; it deserves love and view after view after view. Addendum: dance remix is life)

And then, of course, there was the time that he secretly videotaped that interview, like it wasn’t at all important to blur everything out for, oh, I don’t know, secret identities reasons, and then leaked it onto YouTube and we had to do a time jump. (Addendum: reclassified level 6-;::) (Note: for all interested parties, yes the actual file concerning that is locked, no you cannot request it, and there’s not actually anything interesting in there, we just swapped out half a dozen body doubles) (Addendum: gots to protect the timeline – patterns)

Addendum: Correction, guys, and then, of course, there was that time the Evil Reporter nearly destroyed the space time continuum by secretly videotaping an interview, apparently.

He went through my bag once.

Did he know you were watching him?

I wasn’t watching him. I don’t think he even knew I worked here.

Wait, went through it, like pawed through it with his Evil Hands? Why didn’t he just look through it with his cross-sectional perception?

Why would he infiltrate the Oscars just to look at all the winners early?

Why would he steal doodles from senators? Addendum: I think he was aiming for minutes, or at least relevant notes or something.

Why would he sort through the entire trash of the Met?

So, there he is, the Evil Reporter, snug tight in his very favorite locker in the locker room of the

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Case File: San Salvador Reality Warping Incident (Citywide) (II) (ref)

Reality warping powers come in a wide variety of forms, and it’s hard to make any sort of comprehensive list of them. (See the Reality Warping wiki) (Note: that thing is hilariously wrong – patterns) They also seem to frequently mimic other powers in nature and scope.

(For a discussion of whether reality warping should count as a mirror power, see Dyer and Dexter Through the Looking Glass, and the Circe Project discussion boards.)

Here, we primarily see the massively larger than normal target (the city), as well as the duration of the event (estimated indefinite, if not for intervention) (Note: Probably closer to 3 or 4 years before physical burnout, assuming no support powers, maybe closer to 1 or 2 for psychological – patterns). There’s no indication (indeed, in most of these events) that there was any additional agent at work; the reality warping power itself simply acted in this manner. These are only the most notable effects, anyway, but the most substantial of the evidence for some incidental mirror power.

(See Addison and Gaius Funhouse Mirror, chapter 8 for an in depth argument of this as a standard support power (and the rest of the book for a depiction of the incident from that perspective))

In this incident, we also see power suppression at work. Now, while it’s been posited by many sources that this is either a mirror-like side effect of the power or a mirror power itself (see Ivanov et al. ‘Reality Reflection’, Soong ‘A study on the mirror-like effects of reality warping powers’, Moore et al. ‘Reality Warping Powers and Common Secondary Powers’, Chan and Channing ‘Seven Common Powers’), it’s important to note that in this case, the power suppression worked on all individuals (with powers) from parallel worlds, as well as all of those with magic. (Addendum: It’s also important to note that a fair amount of technology (extranormally associated and not) ceased to function.)

It’s rare that a single power can suppress both extranormal abilities and magic use, although it does happen from time to time in the case of native and parallel extranormal manipulation (See Oz (V), Gold Standard (IX), Rule of Law (L), Strong Nuclear Force (I); see list of parallel suppression abilities). Even devices cannot be reliably built to do so (and will break down quickly when they can be built), so evidence points to this being a separate power, either a side effect of the reality warping, or another power altogether (as listed above).

Also note the facets resembling other powers that are in no way mirror related: some geographies changed (although most of the layout of the city remained the same), some buildings or parts of buildings switched places, the atmospheric content shifted in the affected area only (including weather indicators for weather that would have occurred outside the affected area), certain technologies were replaced with older or different versions rather than simply ceasing to work, enhanced memories were retroactively affected (note: almost all memories subjects should have had up until that point were recovered, and many report memories accrued during the event impacted, such as development of perfect recall memories despite this not being possible at the time), and some people underwent dramatic personality shifts.

(See the precise boundaries of the event – map)

Although many people noticed buildings and stores, etc., getting redecorated, the most consistent change was repeated reference to a ‘Los Angeles’, most notably among souvenirs, but also present on maps, signs, etc. Such items that were removed for testing or research during the crisis remained as such (and now fetch a high price as collector’s items). This, along with the changes in details to people’s clothing, personal possessions, etc. (mostly minor, with exceptions) leads researchers to believe that the warping was not specifically and in detail rendered by the perpetrator of the event, but rather that some section of our reality was replaced with a different one, either by copying or exchanging with some part of a reasonably similar world.

(See list of ‘drastic changes’; see vetted list; see verified list)

(See list of geographic changes, list of historiographic observations, see list of missing, see list of new persons, see list of hospital admissions for drastic changes in mood or behavior)

(See list of comparisons to known parallel worlds)

This is not an uncommon theory; most city scale events have some or much coherence to the altered space, belying the idea that they’re a fantasy of one person (or any group of people) made manifest. Smaller scale events are harder to judge, but are frequently commensurate with the finding, at least when it comes to location-based changes. Certain types of reality warping are incompatible with these theories, but have never been seen on a scale larger than a few dozen square feet.

(See Dubois-Hayashi ‘Alternate Dimensions’ for an illustration of some such events, as well as low-level theoretical background)

(See the Fake Place Real Talk message boards for amateur discussion on the theories, see list of academics, see list of academic resources)

(See Seethepalli Control X for in depth discussion of alternate reality replacement theory)

(See the Dolfen Review Guide to Reality for technical discussion)

(See the WHO comprehensive list of powers (reality warping)) (Addendum: if you’re a masochist or a nerd with too much free time Addendum: or both!)

Of course, the most important thing to remember when interviewing witnesses and suspects is that something like this is a deeply traumatic event, and most will exhibit behaviors you’re likely to associate with guilt, lies, or paranoia. (They may also show flat affect or a lack of emotional range; this is more likely to be an indicator of shock than sociopathy.) This holds true not only of those within the affected area during the event, but also regarding those interacting with or observing it from the outside, and even some with little contact but strong ties to the area in question.

(See Park, Parker, and Parkinson ‘Coping with Reality Warping Events’)

Addendum: (See Park, Parker, and Parkinson Paradigm Shift)

Thus, a gentle hand is required when dealing with any and all persons potentially involved in perpetrating or continuing an event like this, simply because many suspects will be caught up in the search. (Perpetrators will often also feel deep guilt, especially those with initially good intentions, and are almost as likely to be traumatically affected as a bystander.)

(See list of interview guidelines)

Note especially that, while the risk for the average person is almost negligible in most cases, the risk for vulnerable groups is extremely high, especially those that rely on extranormal abilities, magic, highly specialized technology, etc. to survive or live their lives. Most deaths will occur immediately, with the toll rising sharply over a relatively short timeframe as patients’ previous treatments wear off, they can’t access the right medication, or their equipment breaks or malfunctions. Keep in mind, risk of injury both physical and psychological (as well as suicide) increases over time as well.

(See list of high risk groups)

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